Dani Alves sexual assault: 11 CRAZY things that happened before he was sentenced to 4 and a half years in jail

11 Crazy Things Before Dani Alves' Shocking Sentencing for Sexual Assault | Photo Credits: Instagram, IMAGO

Dani Alves sexual assault: 11 CRAZY things that happened before he was sentenced to 4 and a half years in jail

David Ben 13:22 - 20.03.2024

Here is a timeline of some key moments in the Dani Alves sexual assault case as the footballer has officially been convicted of rape.

In a scandalous turn of events, former Brazil international and Barcelona defender Dani Alves has been sentenced to four years and six months in jail after being found guilty of rape.

But before the court's final verdict, a whirlwind of jaw-dropping events unfolded.

In this article, Pulse Sports sheds light on Alves' tumultuous personal life.

Dani Alves' Sexual Assualt Timeline: 11 things that went down before the sentencing for Rape

Here are 11 outrageous incidents that occurred before his sentencing:

1. Alves’ estranged ex-wife denounced him on social media

Dani Alves sexual assault
Dani Alves and his ex-wife Joana Sanz | Imago

Joana Sanz, the estranged ex-wife of Daniel Alves made the headlines by deleting all traces of the footballer from her Instagram page.

In addition to that, the Canarian supermodel relocated to Paris amid the sexual assault scandal and publicly requested to be diss-associated from the Brazilian footballer.

Subsequently, after a series of back and forths regarding her relationship with the footballer, she granted a statement to journalist Leticia Requejo of 'El programa de Ana Rosa', Joana Sanz was quoted to have said via Dario AS.

Joana Sanz
Joana Sanz/via Instagram

"I don't give a damn," Joana Sanz said of Alves and his legal situation.

"I totally pass, let Dani do and undo everything he wants. I don't want to know anything that has to do with him."

Sanz also took to her social media channel to launch a strong message believed to be aimed at her estranged husband.

"Women want a man to admire, not to educate," the Canarian influencer wrote on a now-deleted Instagram story

However, during the trial she reportedly denied trying to divorce her husband.

2. Dani Alves wrote love letters to Joana Sanz begging for reconciliation

Dani Alves sexual assault
Joana Sanz reportedly wants to divorce Dani Alves| Photo Credit: Imago

Having initially lied to Joana Sanz about his apparent infidelity, Alves penned heartfelt love letters to Joana, pleading for her not to divorce him as rumors of their separation surfaced.

Pulse Sports earlier reported that Sanz had stood by her husband immediately after his arrest but was forced to change her stance as the case progressed.

In addition, Alves, aware of his wife's divorce plans was said to have repeatedly begged her over a telephone conversation, while telling her that he still loves her, and that, therefore, he does not want to lose her despite what happened.

3. Dani Alves’ ex-wife was romantically linked to PSG star Achraf Hakimi

Dani Alves sexual assault
Joana Sanz, the estranged ex-wife of Dani Alves | Credit: IMAGO

While Alves was relaxing in jail over sexual assault charges, rumours swirled linking Joana Sanz to PSG star Achraf Hakimi, who himself faced accusations of rape last year, although, he has not been charged to court.

The Canarian model swiftly denied the claims, distancing herself from the Moroccan footballer.

4. 40th birthday behind bars

Dani Alves sexual assault
Dani Alves has been slammed with a hefty spell behind bars after being found guilty of rape | Credit: IMAGO

Dani Alves’ last birthday would have certainly been one to forget having turned 40 while locked up in jail, receiving a poignant letter from Joana expressing her emotions for the incarcerated footballer.

Having expressed regret over Alves’s mistake that led to the end of their relationship, Sanz also added that despite her desire to separate legally from the Brazilian footballer, she would keep supporting him until the truth surrounding the sexual assault case was brought to light.

5. Dani Alves reportedly refused to sign the Divorce Papers

Dani Alves sexual assault
Brazil star Dani Alves || Credit: Anadolu Ajansı

Despite Joana initiating divorce proceedings, Alves refused to sign the papers, delaying the process and hindering Joana's settlement.

Sanz took to her Instagram page to reveal details of the divorce through her Instagram stories.

According to her, at the time, Alves refused to sign the divorce papers and end their relationship.

Joana Sanz
Joana Sanz is the estranged wife of Dani Alves| Photo Credit: Instagram

"Yes we are in divorce proceedings, which he is refusing and that complicates everything", she wrote as reported by Dario AS.

Joana Sanz also further dispelled reports that she was still benefitting financially from the imprisoned footballer.

"No, I am not receiving any money, I don't understand the need for making up news" she said.

6. Dani Alves fired his most-trusted lawyer weeks before his trial

Dani Alves sexual assault
Cristobal Martell| Photo Credit: La Vanguardia

Dani Alves shocked many by firing his legal team, led by Cristobal Martell, due to their failure to secure his release on bail ahead of sentencing in the sexual assault case.

Having spent over 250 days in Brians II prison, Alves changed his legal team.

Cristóbal Martell, who had been the head of Dani Alves’ legal team was reportedly been replaced by the Brazilian footballer.

La Vanguardia reported that Alves hired another lawyer named Inés Guardiola.

7. Alves initially had the support of his ex-wife and babymama

Dinorah Santana Dani Alves sexual assault case
Dani Alves and his ex-wife Dinorah Santana | Credit: X

Dinorah Santana, the ex-wife of Dani Alves, initially stood by him, insisting on his innocence and defending him against the accusation of sexual assault.

According to her, she believed the footballer would be ‘incapable of dishonoring a woman.’

8. Dinorah Santana dramatically turned on Dani Alves

Dani Alves sexual assault
Dinorah Santana and Dani Alves

Months after putting in a good word for the footballer, Santana later denounced Alves in front of journalists, lambasting him for setting a poor example and threatening to restrict their children's visits to him in prison.

Santana emphasized on the trauma of their children having to see their father in prison over allegations of sexual assault.

9. Prison football match

Dani Alves sexual assault
Dani Alves formerly of Pumas during the Pumas vs Juarez match of the closing tournament 2023 of the League MX

In the early stages of his temporary detention, reports surfaced of Alves participating in a friendly football match within the confines of Brains II prison, forming unlikely friendships with fellow inmates, including one named Coutinho, a namesake of his former Brazilian teammate.

10. Alves reportedly wanted to sue his ex-wife over her public remarks

Dani Alves sexual assault
Dani Alves and Dinorah Santana with their children

Dani Alves allegedly attempted to sue Dinorah Santana for defamation while behind bars, citing her remarks as detrimental to his sexual assualt case.

However, the player never confirmed the reports.

11. Alves changed his statements no fewer than 4 times

Dani Alves sexual assault
Dani Alves | Credit: IMAGO

During both the investigation and trial process for sexual assault, Dani Alves bewildered many by changing his statements multiple times throughout the legal proceedings, initially denying any involvement before eventually admitting to certain details.

Notably, Alves insisted that his sexual affair with the victim was purely consensual.

Alves admitted that there was indeed penetration, and also revealed that the victim did give him oral sex in the bathroom of the nightclub in the early hours of the night before the alleged incident.