Achraf Hakimi and wife of Dani Alves rumoured to be in romantic relationship amid divorce saga

Achraf Hakimi and wife of Dani Alves rumoured to be in romantic relationship amid divorce saga

David Ben 17:37 - 13.05.2023

The PSG star who is currently charged with rape is rumoured to be having an affair with the wife of Dani Alves, who also wants to divorce her husband.

Joana Sanz, the estranged wife of Dani Alves continues to make the headlines since the Brazilian footballer was arrested earlier this year.

Dani Alves is currently incarcerated in Brians II prison, after he was accused of raping a 23-year-old lady in a Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30.

And the wife of the Brazilian defender has been in the news following her reactions since her husband’s arrest.

Joana Sanz
Joana Sanz wants to divorce Dani Alves

Joana Sanz, 29, has since publicly declared her intention to divorce the former Pumas defender and has already moved out of their house in Spain to begin a new life.

However, she maintains that she still loves her imprisoned husband and recently echoed this by sending him a heartwarming birthday message when he turned 40 a week ago.

Amid Dani Alves’ sexual assault scandal, the Tenerife model has constantly debunked rumours about her future after publicly separating from her husband.

Sanz also confirmed that she is processing her divorce, but her husband is still adamant about signing the papers.

Joana Sanz Dani Alves divorce
Joana Sanz wants to divorce Dani Alves

Although, she has also expressed regret over her husband’s actions as she awaits the court's final decision, who continues to deny Alves temporary release from prison.

Dani Alves’ wife Joana Sanz responds to rumours of an affair with Achraf Hakimi

Joana Sanz was recently linked with Paris Saint Germain Achraf Hakimi, after unconfirmed reports emerged that they met in Spain this week.

Joana Sanz Dani Alves wife
Joana Sanz/Instagram

The Tenerife model has now responded to the rumours linking her with the PSG star via her Instagram page after she was quizzed by a fan.

The question directed at Sanz read: “You’re dating Achraf Hakimi?” before she embedded the question on her story and replied: 

"I don't understand the murky morbidity of this country. What a greater lack of respect you are having. You continually push boundaries with your creative evil. I don't know him and I haven't seen him in my life," she said via her Ig story.

Joana Sanz responds to Achraf Hakimi rumours
Joana Sanz/via Ig story
PSG wingback Achraf Hakimi

Hakimi recently made the headlines last month over his divorce from his wife and Spanish model Hiba Abouk.

Unconfirmed reports revealed Abouk, 36, requested half of the player’s fortune but was astounded as Hakimi had allegedly transferred his entire wealth to his mother’s name Sadia Mouh long before the divorce proceedings.

Achraf Hakimi is currently charged with rape
Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk are legally separted
Joana Sanz is divorcing Dani Alves amid the Brazilian defender's rape case.
Joana Sanz closes chapter with Dani Alves

However, Pulse Sports cannot verify the authenticity of this claim as neither the player nor his ex-wife, confirmed the report.

Hakimi is currently charged with rape after Le Parisien revealed the Moroccan star is accused of sexually assaulting a young lady in his home in Boulogne while his wife and two children were absent.

Achraf Hakimi has been in the headlines over his divorce from Hiba Abouk
Achraf Hakimi has been in the headlines over his divorce from Hiba Abouk

However the player has since denied the allegations via a statement from his lawyer Fanny Collins who labelled the accusations as ‘false’.

 "The accusations are false. He is calm and is making himself available to the authorities.", Collins was quoted to have said as per Le Parisien.

A report from Le Parisien details how the alleged victim reported the incident at a police station on Sunday evening but did not want to press charges against the footballer.

However, the public prosecutor's office in Paris, have since confirmed they have opened an investigation.

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