'He would be incapable of dishonoring a woman' -  Ex-wife of Dani Alves

Dani Alves wife comes to his defence amid sexual assault allegations.

'He would be incapable of dishonoring a woman' - Ex-wife of Dani Alves

David Ben 11:09 - 09.02.2023

Dinorah Santana has spoken out amid the ongoing case of sexual assault involving her ex-husband Dani Alves.

Dani Alves remains in the Brians II prison awaiting his trial for the alleged sexual assault of a 23-year-old woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

The former PSG and Juventus defender is seeking to clear himself of the accusations in the meantime, either with the withdrawal of the passport, a restraining order or even the imposition of a telematic bracelet to control its location.

Alves legal team proposed a bail condition, but from the Prosecutor's Office, they have again asked that he remain locked up in prison amid the ongoing investigation.

However, a member of Dani Alves’ family has now spoken out in support of the footballer who is facing a possible 12 years in prison should he be found guilty.

Dani Alves Ex-wife breaks silence amid sexual assault charges

Dinorah Santana and Dani Alves

Dinorah Santana, who is the ex-wife of Dani Alves has now spoken in an exclusive interview with Sport of how the situation of Alves in prison has affected her and the children which they have in common.

Dinorah thinks that the footballer is being put on trial based on public opinion, and that "they are convicting Dani beforehand, without him having been tried".

She also assures that she would put "the whole body" for him, and that she really believes in his word.

"Dani would be incapable of dishonoring a woman. I was married for 10 years and I've known him for 22.

“ Everyone who is in Dani's environment, from the one who cleans his house in Brazil, Barcelona... Everyone knows who he is and that he wouldn't be able to do things like this. The situation hurts quite a bit." she was quoted to have said.

Dinorah and Dani Alves upon signing for Juventus in 2016

Dinorah also spoke of how Alves current predicament is affecting their children.

 "They live it badly because they can't see Dani."

 "I, who was in Barcelona, had to go back to Brazil because the children were not well. 

“Dani wanted me to be with the kids. I came back to pick them up, to be with my daughter who had undergone surgery and was in recovery. When the doctor lets her go, we will return to Spain to meet him again."

Dani Alves and Dinorah Santana with their children

Dinorah who has not seen the footballer since the start of the case admitted she has also been in contact with Alves' team of lawyers, who tell her ‘that he is fine, strong, as far as possible’. 

“He's sad. He sees some things in the press that he doesn't like. He cared a lot about the children because it affects him." she said.

Dani Alves and Dinorah Santana relationship

Dinorah Santana is a Brazilian sporting agent known for being the ex-wife of famed football player Dani Alves. 

She was his agent during their marriage and even after it ended.

She got married to the Spanish football player, Daniel Alves da Silva, in 2008, after six years of dating. 

Dani Alves and Dinorah Santana

Together they had two children, Daniel and Victoria Alves. Then the couple got divorced in 2011.

Four years later Alves started dating Spanish model Joana Sanz and the pair went ahead to tie the knot in a secret ceremony in Ibiza in 2017, after Sanz had reportedly turned down two marriage proposals from the Brazilian initially.

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