Dani Alves saga: Brazil defender reportedly at risk of being denied temporary release

Brazil defender Dani Alves has been sentenced to jail for rape | Credit: IMAGO

Dani Alves saga: Brazil defender reportedly at risk of being denied temporary release

David Ben 21:27 - 06.02.2023

According to reports, the prosecutors would be opposed to his release from prison temporarily over fears of a potential escape.

On the latest episode of the Dani Alves saga comes the speculation about the prosecutor’s stance on the Brazilian footballer’s potential release on bail.

According to reports, the prosecutor's office would be strongly against his release from prison, since he sees "rational indications of criminality" and risk of escape.

This is according to 'El Periódico' who have suggested the Prosecutor's Office would not be for the work of releasing him provisionally.

Alves is currently in prison for an alleged rape reported by a 23-year-old woman, who claims that the former footballer abused her in a bathroom of the reserved Sutton nightclub on Tuset Street in Barcelona on December 30.

Alves desires temporary release from Prison

Dani Alves in action for Brazil
Dani Alves in action for Brazil Dani Alves in action for Brazil

After the player’s lawyer Cristóbal Martell, filed the appeal requesting the release of the footballer, for not considering that there was the risk of flight expressed by the substitute magistrate of the Court of Instruction number 15 of Barcelona, the Prosecutor's Office has asked the judge to keep him in prison.

According to reports, the prosecutor's office believe there are "rational indications of criminality" in the Brazilian's actions, and he also considers that there is a danger of flight.

And, as the judge argued, Alves is a native of Brazil, a country with which there is no extradition agreement with Spain, and also has sufficient economic capacity to travel.

While he is still waiting for news, Dani Alves continues his life in the Brians 2 prison, where, according to journalist Mayka Navarro this morning in El programa de Ana Rosa, the footballer is perfectly integrated. 

Dani Alves

"They have no indicator that he is having an emotional downturn, they say he is behaving in an exceptional and exemplary way," the reporter explained via a report from AS.

"Dani Alves participates in all activities, he is respectful of the workers of that module dedicated to sex offenders," he added.

Why was Dani Alves arrested?

Dani Alves is currently in prison over allegations of sexual assault

The 39-year-old former Barcelona defender was arrested for alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old lady at a Barcelona night club. 

Alves was taken into custody after the allegation was made against him on December 30, 2022.

He was then taken to the Ciutat de la Justicia, where he attended a court hearing. 

He was sent to jail by the court without bail, while an investigation continues on the case.

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