'I don't want to lose you' - Dani Alves begs wife amid looming divorce

Joana Sanz reportedly uninterested in Dani Alves amid the Brazilian defender's rape case

'I don't want to lose you' - Dani Alves begs wife amid looming divorce

David Ben 15:17 - 03.02.2023

A fresh report has revealed the content of one of the phone calls Alves made to Joana Sanz as he seeks to save his marriage amid the sexual assault case.

Dani Alves is currently at a major risk of losing of his marriage following his arrest last month.

The Brazilian footballer is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub on December 30.

According to reports, the judge overseeing the investigation into the Dani Alves sexual assault case has heard evidence from eight witnesses at a closed hearing in Barcelona.

The 39-year-old former Barcelona star has spent the last two weeks in pre-trial detention at a prison outside Barcelona after being denied bail.

Dani Alves is in prison amid the ongoing investigation

Dani Alves begs Joana Sanz for forgiveness

Dani Alves and Joana Sanz

Alves who is currently at risk of losing his marriage after admitting to cheating on his model wife Joana Sanz is reportedly desperate to save his relationship in the wake of the recent developments.

 El programa de Ana Rosa has revealed exclusively, through journalist Leticia Requejo, the content of one of the phone calls made by the Brazilian to his wife Joana Sanz from prison.

"A telephone conversation, which lasts very little, in which you can hardly explain things because in this case time is money," says the collaborator of the Mediaset format as per Marca.

In addition, the alleged accused, aware of his wife's divorce plans, according to the latest information, repeatedly tells him that he still loves her, and that, therefore, he does not want to lose her despite what happened. 

"That call is typical of not 'leaving me alone right now.”

The journalist says that the Canarian model has also asked her husband for a face to face meeting, but the footballer has rejects the possibility of seeing her due to his delicate personal state aggravated by the allegations as well as the information that has come to light in recent weeks.

Joana Sanz's stance on her relationship with Dani Alves

Joana Sanz/Instagram

Joana, who has since deleted posts of herself and the former PSG star from her social media, reportedly offered her husband the possibility of having a meeting when he leaves prison to hear his side of the story about what happened on the night of December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. 

"Joana answers, tells him that she is aware of his most immediate present and that she wants to have a conversation so that he can give her the necessary explanations," journalist Leticia Requejo was quoted to have said via Marca.

"Although the decision is firm, Joana does want to listen to him, to tell him and comment on things. 

“She is willing to wait, it will not be in prison, it will be tomorrow when Dani Alves leaves prison," she adds. 

Requejo, who ratifies the position of divorce of Alves wife, affirms that the environment of the Sanz has asked to stop sharing publications and comments about everything related to this controversy, since it no way benefits either party.

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