Dani Alves wife admits she feels lonely in heartbreaking post on social media

Dani Alves wife admits she feels lonely in heartbreaking post on social media

David Ben 17:10 - 12.02.2023

Joana Sanz is going through a tough period in her life having to deal with the loss of her mother and the arrest of her husband a month ago.

Joana Sanz did not certainly expect to begin this year this way, seen her life take a radical turn as a result of the serious accusation faced by her partner Dani Alves for an alleged rape against a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona.

 In addition to Alves’ ongoing case, Joana also lost her mother due to cancer before her partner’s arrest.

Joana Sanz pens emotional message on social media

Joana Sanz/Instagram

These episodes, which have occurred in a very short space of time, have left the Canarian model to be going through a very delicate personal moment, according to her post on her Instagram page,.

Joana took to Instagram on Saturday, February 11, to pen a heartbreaking message remembering her mother, with three clips of her mother to accompany the post, she wrote: "A month ago today I had to make the hardest decision of my life; let you go. I still have the feeling that, when you get home, you will receive me with enthusiasm. It hurts so much to feel your smell and not hear you. I need so much of your hug, to see you laugh or dance... I need your joy," she wrote.

"You told me not to cry and I promise you that I will do everything on my part not to do it. I have my liveliest days but that internal cold, always accompanies me ... And sometimes, it breaks me into a thousand pieces. I feel lonely you know? You told me that wherever you were you were going to be with me, but I don't feel you. Many people will love me and I appreciate it, but mother's love is only one," she added.

'Don't punish me...'

Joana Sanz during the presentation of Dani Alves upon his return to Barcelona in 2021.

The Canarian model who has been the subject of social media conversations lately has also asked not to be criticized if she ever shares a publication in which she is seen happy or dancing, since it is the only way with which she palliates her wounds.

 "Don't punish me or judge me if you see me dancing or smiling, I just try to heal my wounds in my own way, the one that does me good, the one my mother would like," ends her heartbreaking post.

Following the explosion of the 'Alves Case', the model has already jetted to Paris with the aim of getting away from the media spotlight. 

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