Dani Alves' Wife Gives Crucial Testimony in Rape Case, Denies Trying to Divorce Ex-Barcelona Star

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Dani Alves' Wife Gives Crucial Testimony in Rape Case, Denies Trying to Divorce Ex-Barcelona Star

Ayoola Kelechi 05:52 - 07.02.2024

The ex-Barcelona and Juventus star's wife provided testimony that could help reduce his sentence in the event of a guilty plea

The ongoing trial surrounding former Barcelona and Sevilla defender Dani Alves took a significant turn as his wife, Joana Sanz, delivered a pivotal testimony in court. Sanz's account shed light on the events on the night of December 30, 2022, as well as the current status of her relationship with the football star.

Alves’ lawyers question lack of blood tests

Alves, who stands accused of rape, has vehemently maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings. The defense team has raised various arguments in his favor, including the assertion that he was not afforded a fair trial. One key contention was the absence of a blood test for alcohol and other substances, which could have potentially influenced the outcome of the case.

The second day of Alves' trial saw Joana Sanz take the stand to provide crucial insight into the events surrounding the alleged incident. Sanz, who is currently separated from Alves, recounted her interactions with him on the day in question and described his condition upon returning home late at night.

Alves’ wife reveals ex-Barcelona star was drunk on night in question

According to Sanz's testimony, she communicated with Alves via WhatsApp, questioning whether he would join her for dinner. However, Alves responded in the negative, indicating that he would not be attending. Sanz recalled the moment Alves arrived home in a heavily intoxicated state, reeking of alcohol and exhibiting signs of impairment.

"He came home very drunk, smelling of alcohol. He crashed into the closet and collapsed on the bed. In the state he arrived home in, I thought it would be better to leave it for when he woke up," Sanz revealed during her testimony.

Joana Sanz reveals state of marriage to Dani Alves 

Sanz's testimony provided crucial insight into Alves' behavior on the night of the alleged incident. However, her testimony also addressed speculation regarding the status of her relationship with the football star. Despite reports suggesting otherwise, Sanz denied initiating divorce proceedings against Alves.

"I have not legally asked for a divorce," Sanz clarified, dispelling rumors surrounding their relationship status.

Alves, who will have the opportunity to present his own version of events to the court, continues to assert his innocence in the face of serious allegations. As the trial unfolds, the testimonies of key witnesses like Joana Sanz will play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the case. With Alves' defense team working diligently to secure a fair trial, the footballing world awaits the resolution of this high-profile legal battle.