Romelu Lukaku gives advice on how to stop racism in football

Romelu Lukaku at Inter during the 2022/23 season

Romelu Lukaku gives advice on how to stop racism in football

Faruq Ibrahim 23:59 - 05.06.2023

Chelsea loanee Romelu Lukaku talks about stopping racism in football.

Inter Milan star Romelu Lukaku has advised that top footballers form an association to fight against racism.

The 28-year-old striker was a victim of racist abuse in Inter's match against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in January. 

The need to fight against racism came to the fore once more when Real Madrid's Vinicius was a victim of racism in the Los Blancos defeat to Valencia last month. 

The Belgium international believes the authorities are not doing enough to curb the problem, and suggests that the top players in the game take matters into their own hands. 

What Lukaku said 

The Chelsea loanee was speaking to CNN when he made the statement, saying a union should be formed by the best players in the game to tackle the problem. 

Lukaku says he is disappointed that racism will still be a problem in 2023. He states that taking an aggressive stance against the issue is the best way to fight it.

“I think it will start,” Lukaku said on players starting a union, per

“It’s really disappointing that it happens because we’re in 2023, the world is different cultures, different religions, different people of colour and still we make the same mistakes all the time.

“That’s the thing that rubs me the wrong way because I always say, if we want the brand of football to be representative in this way, it also starts with the people above [authorities] that have to fight against this type of thing.

“For me, it really doesn’t happen enough, really in a strict manner that fans come to the stands and really respect people of different colours, people of different religions, sexuality, also online hate.”

Meanwhile, Inter Milan's Andre Onana warns Manchester City that his team will give all it takes to win the Champions League.

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