Asisat Oshoala and Ashleigh Plumptre headline Top 5 Highest-Paid Super Falcons players in 2024

REVEALED: Top 5 Highest-Paid Nigerian Female Footballers of 2023/Illustration by David Ben

Asisat Oshoala and Ashleigh Plumptre headline Top 5 Highest-Paid Super Falcons players in 2024

David Ben 17:32 - 05.03.2024

The highest-paid Super Falcons players in 2024 have been revealed.

The Super Falcons of Nigeria has produced some remarkable talents in the world of soccer. 

While the spotlight often shines on their male counterparts, it's essential to recognize the achievements and contributions of female players.

 In recent years, Nigerian female footballers have not only showcased their skill on the pitch but have also made significant strides in securing lucrative contracts and sponsorships. 

Super Falcons
The Super Falcons made Nigerians proud at the 2023 Women's World Cup | Imago

In this article, Pulse Sports reveals the top five highest-paid Nigerian female footballers, highlighting their achievements, impact, and the factors contributing to their financial success.

Top 5 highest-paid Nigerian female footballers in 2024

5. Rasheedat Ajibade, Atletico Madrid – ₦53 million

highest-paid Nigerian female footballers in 2023
Rasheedat Ajibade is one of the highest-paid Nigerian female footballers in 2023

Age: 24

On Field Earnings: ₦29 million

Off Field Earnings: ₦24 million

Rasheedat Ajibade has emerged as a rising star in Nigerian women's football. 

Known for her versatility on the pitch and goal-scoring prowess, Ajibade's talent has not gone unnoticed. 

Her move to Atletico Madrid Femenino in the Spanish Primera División Femenina marked a significant milestone in her career.

She earns above the average salary of players in the Liga Femeni, propelling her into the ranks of the highest-paid Nigerian female footballers.

Atleti's triumph in the 2022-23 edition of the Copa de la Reina de Fútbol earned her a cool bonus following the improved prize money format in the Liga F.

She is one of the few Super Falcons players who enjoyed a massive boost in their social media following.

Off the field, she is an admirable philanthropist boasting  a few sponsorship deals, most notably with Nike.

4. Michelle Alozie, Houston Dash – ₦70 million

Michelle Alozie
Michelle Alozie | Credit: Getty Images

Age: 26

On Field Earnings: ₦44 million 

Off Field Earnings: ₦26 million

Michelle Alozie had quite a memorable year in 2023.

The Chicago-born winger shot to the limelight after catching the eyes of fans worldwide at the 2023 edition of the FIFAWWC in Australia and New Zealand.

Considered the 'sexiest' Nigerian female footballer alive, Alozie enjoyed a massive boost in her social media presence to become one of the most followed African female athletes in the world.

She is already the second-most followed Nigerian female athlete in 2023, and was named amongst the most influential Nigerian footballers of the year.

Beyond her on-field brilliance, she has strategically positioned herself as a marketable personality, securing endorsement deals that augment her income and elevate her status in the realm of women's football, including one with Electrolit.

Her new management deal with Plug Sports is also expected to fetch her more endorsements and sponsorships in 2024, as she is unarguably one of the most marketable Nigerian athletes currently. 

3. Ifeoma Onumonu, Gotham FC – ₦75 million

Ifeoma Onumonu is one of the highest paid Super Falcons stars
Super Falcons star Ifeoma Onumonu models Utah Royals Gold and 'Mountain Heir' Blue Kits.

Age: 29

On Field Earnings:  ₦62 million 

Off Field Earnings: ₦12.4 million 

Veteran striker Ifeoma Onumonu is known for her exceptional skills and consistent goal-scoring prowess, a combination that has made her an invaluable asset to the Super Falcons team.

 Her strategic career moves, including her stint with OL Reign in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), have elevated her profile and opened doors to lucrative opportunities. 

She recently signed for Utah Royals having played for Gotham FC, the 2023 NWSL championship winners.

That victory alone earned her a cool $15,000.

Furthermore, Onumonu's marketability extends beyond the pitch, with endorsement deals and sponsorships, most notably with Adidas.

2. Ashleigh Plumptre, Al Ittihad – ₦160 million

highest paid Nigerian female footballers
No Nigerian female footballer earns more than Ashleigh Plumptre on the pitch in 2023 | Credit: X/Al-Ittihad

Age: 25

On Field Earnings: ₦96 million

Off Field Earnings:  ₦64 million

Ashleigh Plumptre’s decision to play for the Super Falcons has been nothing short of a blessing to the team.

Plumptre’s journey so far in the echelons of women's football has seen her secure her position as one of the highest-paid Nigerian female footballers in 2023, having consistently displayed a rare combination of defensive prowess and leadership qualities. 

Plumptre is high up this list after her blockbuster move to Saudi Arabian club Al-Ittihad last summer.

The England-born defender is the league’s high-profile signing of 2023.

Although details of her salary at Ittihad are not public, reports suggest overseas players’ base salaries in the Saudi women’s league can range from $60,000-$120,000 per year tax-free, with well-known internationals commanding even higher wages. 

As of 2023, no Nigerian female footballer earns more than Plumptre on the pitch.

Beyond her on-field exploits, Plumptre's marketability has been a driving force behind her financial success, with endorsement deals and sponsorship agreements contributing  to her income.

She enjoyed a significant boost in her social media following this year after a stellar showing for the Falcons at the 2023 FIFAWWC.

1. Asisat Oshoala, Bay FC –  ₦225 million

Asisat Oshoala is the highest paid Super Falcons star
Super Falcons star Asisat Oshoala joined Bay FC from Barcelona | X/ @AsisatOshoala

Age: 29

On Field Earnings: ₦75 million

Off Field Earnings: ₦150 million

At the forefront of the list is Asisat Oshoala, a name synonymous with excellence in African women's football. 

Oshoala has consistently proven herself as one of the continent's most prolific goal-scorers. 

Oshoala recently picked up her 6th CAF Women’s Player of the year award - a record to further solidify her status as the most successful Nigerian female footballer ever.

Before her move to Bay FC in the NWSL, Agba Baller was one of the highest-paid players in the Barcelona Femeni team.

With the introduction of the new salary cap in the Liga Femeni, she earned well above the average salary of women's players in Spain due to her status as one of the world’s elite finishers.

Barca Femeni’s silverware spree in 2023 also saw Asisat rack in bonuses in prize money, having won the continental treble (winning the league, the Supercopa and the Champions League).

With Bay F.C, Oshoala is estimated to earn around ₦75 million ($50,000) per month for the NWSL side (inclusive of bonuses, paid housing and performance-based fees).

As of 2024, she is the most-followed Nigerian female athlete on Instagram, generating the most revenue for sponsored posts.

Oshoala is the Super Falcons player with most deals when it comes to endorsements and sponsorships.

Currently, no female Nigerian footballer earns more off the pitch than Oshoala in 2024.

Currently managed by Plug Sports, she has deals with major brands like Nike, Lego, Guinness, amongst others.

Oshoala’s numerous endorsement deals with major brands, has elevated her status as not just a footballer but arguably the most marketable Nigerian female athlete in 2023.

She was also named the most influential Nigerian women’s footballer of 2023.


The Pulse Sports ranking of Nigeria’s highest-paid women’s footballers reflects the combined total of on-field earnings for the 2023-24 season, including base salaries, bonuses, and off-field estimates that reflect annual cash from endorsements, sponsorships, social media revenue, and the players' own businesses.

 The figures were obtained from publicly accessible databases as well as discussions with industry insiders (most of whom asked to remain anonymous).

All figures used in this article are converted from U.S. dollars using the current exchange rate.