Manchester United facility closed after discovery of 'dead body'

Forensics officers of the Greater Manchester Police at the scene where the remains was found CREDIT: Peter Byrne/pa (Telegraph)

Manchester United facility closed after discovery of 'dead body'

Faruq Ibrahim 23:01 - 05.04.2024

The Manchester United academy area was closed following the distressing revelation of human remains near the training ground, triggering a murder investigation by the Greater Manchester Police.

In a shocking turn of events, the area surrounding Manchester United's training ground in Greater Manchester has been cordoned off after human remains were found nearby.

The discovery, just yards from the club's training academy, has sparked a murder investigation. Details of the incident have left the local community in Salford and beyond reeling.

Investigation Launched After Gruesome Discovery

According to the Telegraph, the recent closure of the area around Manchester United's academy came after human remains, wrapped in plastic, were found near the training facility. The unsettling find was made by a member of the public in woodland at Kersal Dale in Salford.

Upon inspection by a pathologist, the remains were confirmed to be human, prompting Greater Manchester Police to initiate a murder investigation. Det. Supt. Lewis Hughes expressed the gravity of the situation, highlighting the need for community support and information to aid in the investigation.

An officer carrying material from the scene CREDIT: Peter Byrne/pa (Telegraph)
An officer carrying material from the scene CREDIT: Peter Byrne/pa (Telegraph)

Appeal for Information and Support

The authorities have stressed the importance of any potential witnesses coming forward to share relevant information regarding suspicious activities in the Kersal Dale area.

The closure of the region to the public indicates the seriousness of the ongoing investigation. With no arrests made thus far and the victim yet to be identified, the focus remains on unravelling the circumstances surrounding this tragic discovery.

An appeal has been made for anyone with information to contact the police and assist in bringing clarity to the situation.

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