Alisha Lehmann's boyfriend leads the list of the Premier League's top 10 worst-behaved players

Revealed: The Premier League's Top 10 Worst-Behaved Players

Alisha Lehmann's boyfriend leads the list of the Premier League's top 10 worst-behaved players

David Ben 17:47 - 21.03.2024

Douglas Luiz and Yves Bissouma headline the list of badly-behaved footballers in the Premier League.

In the fast-paced world of professional football, discipline is key.

However, not all players adhere to the rules of the game.

A recent study conducted by NoDepositDaily has shed light on the Premier League's most poorly behaved players between 2019 and 2024.

By analyzing yellow and red card data, along with the number of fouls committed, the research unveils the top 10 players with the worst conduct on the field.

Revealed: Top 10 Worst-Behaved footballers in the Premier League

The analysis of the Premier League's top 10 worst-behaved players offers insights into the intersection of talent and discipline in professional football.

1. Yves Bissouma (Tottenham Hotspur) — 197 fouls, 39 Yellow Cards

Yves Bissouma
Yves Bissouma of Tottenham || Imago

Topping the list is Yves Bissouma, known for his defensive prowess at Tottenham Hotspur.

With a staggering 45 points, Bissouma's track record includes 39 yellow cards, 3 red cards, and 197 fouls. Despite his talent, his recent actions off the field, including social media behavior, have raised eyebrows.

Pulse Sports earlier reported that Bissouma recently unfollowed the Mail football federation and wiped his Instagram page of pictures of with national team Jersey after being omitted from the latest squad for their international friendlier against Nigeria and Mauritania.

2. Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa) — 232 fouls, 37 Yellow Cards

Douglas Luiz
Douglas Luiz | Credit: IMAGO

Aston Villa's Douglas Luiz secures the second spot with 41 points, demonstrating a pattern of aggressive play with 37 yellow cards, 2 red cards, and a remarkable 232 fouls.

The Brazilian-born midfielder is the boyfriend of the world’s most-followed women’s footballer Alisha Lehmann, who also plays for Aston Villa.

3. John McGinn (Aston Villa) — 213 fouls, 37 Yellow Cards

John McGinn
John McGinn wheels away in celebration after scoring for Aston Villa against Arsenal (IMAGO)

Following closely is Luiz’s Villa teammate John McGinn, who claims third place with 39 points, showcasing a blend of physicality and finesse on the pitch.

The Scottish midfielder's recent red card against Tottenham Hotspur highlights his occasionally reckless style of play.

4. Conor Gallagher (Chelsea) — 201 fouls, 35 Yellow Cards

Conor Gallagher
Conor Gallagher of Chelsea || Imago

Chelsea's Conor Gallagher occupies the fourth position, boasting 39 points earned through 35 yellow cards, 2 red cards, and 201 fouls.

His aggressive approach has made him a force to be reckoned with in midfield.

5. James Tarkowski (Everton) — 174 fouls, 38 Yellow Cards

James Tarkowski of Everton | Credit: Getty

In fifth place, James Tarkowski of Everton demonstrates resilience with 38 yellow cards and no red cards, accumulating 174 fouls.

His disciplined yet physical style of play earns him a spot among the top offenders.

6. Luke Shaw (Manchester United) — 172 fouls, 37 Yellow Cards

Luke Shaw joins Mason Mount on the sideline || Photo Credit: Imago
Luke Shaw of Manchester United || Photo Credit: Imago

Luke Shaw secures sixth place with 37 points, characterized by his consistent performance and occasional disciplinary issues.

Despite receiving no red cards, Shaw's 37 yellow cards and 172 fouls raise concerns about his on-field behavior.

7. Joelinton (Newcastle United) — 211 fouls, 35 Yellow Cards

Joelinton of Newcastle || Imago

Joelinton of Newcastle clinches seventh place with 35 points, showcasing potential alongside a propensity for fouls.

While he has yet to receive a red card, his 35 yellow cards and 211 fouls underscore areas for improvement.

8. Lewis Dunk (Brighton) — 82 fouls, 34 Yellow Cards

Lewis Dunk
Lewis Dunk of Brighton and Hove Albion in action on November 13, 2022.

Brighton and Hove Albion's Lewis Dunk occupies the eighth spot with a combination of 34 yellow cards, 4 red cards, and 82 fouls.

Despite his disciplinary issues, Dunk remains a stalwart presence in defense.

9. Rodri (Manchester City) — 209 fouls, 32 Yellow Cards

Manchester City's Rodri | Imago

Rodri of Manchester City secures ninth place with 34 points, marked by 32 yellow cards, 1 red card, and 209 fouls.

His role as a world-class defensive midfielder necessitates physicality, but his disciplinary record warrants scrutiny.

10. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) — 163 fouls, 32 Yellow Cards

Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes || Credit: Imago

Rounding off the list is Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United, boasting 32 points derived from 32 yellow cards and 163 fouls.

Despite his contributions on the field, his disciplinary history raises questions about his conduct.