Report: Global eSports audience expected to surpass 318 million by 2025

Credit: Tom Morely, British Esports Student Champs

GAMING Report: Global eSports audience expected to surpass 318 million by 2025

David Ben 11:50 - 02.04.2024

With the integration of eSports with global sporting competitions in the coming years, the gaming industry is set to expand even further.

Esports is unarguably an expanding phenomenon within the gaming sector.

This multi-million-dollar industry is poised for unprecedented growth in the coming years.

With projections indicating a staggering global audience exceeding 318 million by 2025, according to insights from GlobalData, the esports sector is slowly emerging as a formidable force in the entertainment landscape.

Live eSports Streaming Surges ahead of potential Olympics collaboration

According to GlobalData, the surge in live esports viewership on streaming platforms underscores the mainstream appeal of competitive gaming.

However, this surge is fueled by a growing appetite for esports content among a diverse global audience.

As a result, stakeholders across the esports ecosystem, including game publishers, league franchises, and event organizers, are increasingly focusing on infrastructure development, including the creation of dedicated esports stadiums and arenas to cater to the increased demand.

Via the aforementioned outlet, there is expected to be a potential integration of esports into the Olympic Games gained momentum with the International Olympic Committee's plan on of potentially hosting an Olympic Esports event.

Such a move might as well present a unique opportunity to introduce esports to a wider audience through the prestigious Olympic platform.

If realized, this initiative could very well bridge the gap between traditional sporting audiences and the vibrant world of esports.