FIFAe set to host Football Manager FIFAe World Cup featuring $100,000 prize pool

FIFAe set to host Football Manager FIFAe World Cup featuring $100,000 prize pool | Credit:

GAMING FIFAe set to host Football Manager FIFAe World Cup featuring $100,000 prize pool

David Ben 20:06 - 27.06.2024

FIFAe have confirmed a Football Manager World Cup is coming this August.

FIFAe, the esports division of FIFA, has teamed up with game developer Sports Interactive to launch the inaugural FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager.

The highly-anticipated tournament is slated  for this August - from the 29th to September 1st, will feature a significant prize pool of $100,000, promising to attract top talent from around the world.

Arsène Wenger, the Chief of Global Football Development at FIFA and former Arsenal manager, has been appointed as the tournament's ambassador.

 In a press release on Thursday, the ex-Gunners boss expressed his enthusiasm for the competition, highlighting the unique blend of skills required to succeed.

He said: "This competition requires participants to demonstrate a profound understanding of football strategy and tactics. Success demands not only mastery of game mechanics but also in-depth football knowledge, making this format a fascinating blend."

Arsene Wenger's presence is expected to draw considerable attention and inspire participants to elevate their gameplay, ensuring that the FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager sets a high standard from its very first edition. 

His role in the tournament's announcement video has already generated buzz and anticipation among fans and participants alike.

Check out the video below:

FIFAe’s Football Manager World Cup 2024: What we know so far

FIFAe Football Manager 2024
Football Manager 2024 Photo Credit: Football Manager

Sports Interactive's famous soccer simulation game Football Manager, has long been a staple for fans of football strategy and tactics. 

Despite its popularity, the franchise has not yet established a strong presence in the esports arena. 

The FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager aims to change this by inviting selected member associations to represent their nations in the final event.

Invitations will be based on eligibility and the number of players per nation, offering a structured and competitive pathway for aspiring participants. 

Interested players are encouraged to visit the FIFAe website for detailed information on their region's qualification process.

As the esports arm of FIFA, FIFAe has previously organized a variety of football simulation tournaments in partnership with Electronic Arts, most notably the FIFAe World Cup. 

However, since FIFA’s split from EA, FIFAe has diversified its portfolio, recently announcing the return of its World Cup as a Rocket League competition.