5 things we learned at Gamr X3 “Xhodus: The Gaming Way”

4 things we learned at Gamr X3 “Xhodus: The Gaming Way”

5 things we learned at Gamr X3 “Xhodus: The Gaming Way”

David Ben 15:44 - 05.05.2024

It is safe to say the third edition of Gamr X might be the best one yet, having delivered in grand style.

The third edition of the biggest esports tournament finally held on Saturday, May 4, at the prestigious Landmark centre.

The theme for this year, was “Gamr X3 Xhodus: The Gaming Way”.

Gamr announced there would be 9 titles to compete for this year.

Amongst which included EA Sports FC 24, Call of Duty Mobile, as well as classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

For those with a penchant for mobile gaming, Free Fire and Candy Crush offered exciting opportunities, while rhythm game enthusiasts showcased their skills in Just Dance.

Gamers also battled out in Apex Legends and PUBG Mobile.

Pulse Sports was live at Landmark on Saturday, and here are five things we learned from Gamr X3 Xhodus.

1, The gaming community is still very much alive in Nigeria

The turn out at the event which took place on Saturday, May 4, and Landmark, VI, was crazy.

There were about roughly over 150 attendees to prove that the esports community in Nigeria  is definitely alive.

Pulse Sports exclusively gathered that gaming enthusiasts and fans came all the way from other African countries like Kenya, as well as other states across the nation including Abuja, and Edo state, just to grace Gamr’s event.

2, Gamr showed that Nigeria can be the epicenter for Africa’s biggest eSports tournaments

Saturday’s event at Landmark was more than decent. It was brilliant!

The organisation was top notch, with enough seats to go round for attendees.

Gamr showed that Nigeria indeed has the capability to host a ‘perfect’ esports tournament on a larger scale.

Although, a few things could be better such as the commentary. But there is always room for improvement in the ever-evolving world of esports.

On a larger scale, the organizers did a great job, with team members always on hand to assist with attendees needs, welcoming every fan with open arms and treating them as VIPs.

3, Anime cosplays, a new ecosystem Gamr is actively tapping into

To be honest, when we first heard there was going to be cosplayers at this year’s event, I wasn’t completely sold on it because I had no clue how strong the anime community was in Nigeria.

Apparently, it’s quite big and also a fast growing community.

For the first time ever, I went to a gaming event and I saw cosplayers actively strutting their stuff with pride.

More intriguing, is that it seemed that segment of the event was what hundreds of attendees were really looking forward to.

It was impressive to see on display, iterations of various characters, all of whom, I honestly had zero idea who they were. But it was a nice sight.

What this might mean, even though, Gamr are actively tapping into already, is that this looks like a good time to capitalize on that ecosystem and bring it to the fore.

Perhaps, once in a while, it could serve as a sort of Halftime show at esports tournaments in Nigeria, moving forward.

From the few attendees I spoke to, all of them seemed to have stormed Gamr X3, not just to watch the tournament and support their buddies, but also to see the cosplaying spectacle.

4, Gamr’s sponsors turned up in style

From Pepsi, to Infinix to NIVEA, and a host of others, Gamr X3’s sponsors showed up.

It was a nice sight to see as attendees had the chance to get in tuned with these brands while networking in many ways more than one.

Essentially, there is no shortage of support from one of the fastest growing ecosystems in video gaming.

5, Gamr once again show they are the undisputed Kings of eSports in Nigeria

To be honest, I don’t think there is any esports company in Nigeria that could pull the crowd at Landmark yesterday.

Gamr, have shown once more they are an authority in esports in Nigeria and perhaps West Africa.

The whole crowd vibed really well and there was a big smile on everyone’s faces throughout most of the event.

MAVIN superstars like Ladipoe and Bayanni also showed up to the event, underscoring the celebrity love for esports in Nigeria.

The arena was well thought out, well planned, with regard to the structure and sitting arrangement.

And if you were itching to actually game while at the location, CARVEN, was just seconds away from there.

Conclusively, Gamr X3 showed great potentials and was arguably the best edition in the last three years, having been spiced up by a fresh blend of dynamism.