[Watch] Ghanaian politician apologises to Maguire after previously mocking the Man United star

[Watch] Ghanaian politician apologises to Maguire after previously mocking the Man United star

Faruq Ibrahim 18:47 - 22.11.2023

Harry Maguire's turnaround in form continues to turn his doubters into believers, the latest being a Ghanaian politician who once mocked him.

A Ghanaian politician and member of parliament, Mr Isaac Adongo, has sent an apology to Manchester United defender Harry Maguire following his earlier comments about the defender.

Adongo mocked Maguire

Before his recent turnaround, the former Leicester City was an object of ridicule and was constantly derided by members of his own fanbase for club and country and rival fans alike.

The England international had a massive dip in form over an extended period. His game was riddled with mistakes and comical errors, and this made him into a meme on the internet.

Last year, in making a case in the Ghanaian Parliament, Mr. Adongo made a negative remark at a fellow politician, Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bahumia, and went on to compare his ‘Catastrophic’ policies with the Manchester United defender.

He called Mr Bahumia an economic Maguire, implying that the politician sabotages the country's economics, and Maguire is accused of doing so at the Manchester United defence.

Adongo apologises after Maguire’s turnaround

The derision was such that even the player’s mom publicly came to his defence, as well as his national team coach, Gareth Southgate. He was also stripped of the captaincy of the Red Devils and was placed on the transfer market during the summer.

An exit that benefits all parties could not be found, however, and Maguire stayed at the club. He has since turned his fortune around and is now one of the most important players on Erik ten Hag’s side.

He displaced four-time Champions League winner Raphael Varanne to the bench and formed a trusted partnership with the now-injured Jonny Evans.

Mr Adongo is privy to this change, and he made sure to apologise to the former Leicester man during a recent parliamentary meeting, tagging him as a transformational footballer.

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