Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

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FOOTBALL Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

Abigael Wafula 07:20 - 22.11.2023

Manchester City, Chelsea, and Wolverhampton Wanderers are among the English Premier League Clubs with the coolest logos.

There have been many debates concerning the best logos in the world of the English Premier League and this article will seek to put the debates to rest by analysing the top 10 coolest English Premier League logos.

From Manchester City to Chelsea, the article will outline the best logos and explain what sets them apart. If you’re an EPL fan, then you should be familiar with a handful of logos that are not only brand assets but are also symbols of community and inspiration for fans of the Premier League.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

1) Manchester City

Manchester City was founded in 1880 as St. Mark's (West Gorton) then Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 before being renamed Manchester City in 1894. It is one of the most popular teams in the Premier League and undoubtedly has one of the most iconic logos.

It doesn’t matter whether their legendary emblem has changed a few times, the current design depicts everything you need to know about the club. The design is a simple and effective nod to the location’s heritage, featuring the Manchester City coat of arms.

The current badge is a circular emblem with a shield in the middle with the name of the football club depicted on a white border around the shield, while the inner shield contains a picture of a golden ship and the red rose of Lancashire. Manchester City's home colours are sky blue and white.

With such a creative design, the reigning Premier League champions surely deserve to be on the list of the top 10 coolest English Premier League logos.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

2) Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is one of the most recognisable Premier League teams and there is no exception when it comes to their logo which also stands out and is considered as one of the most traditional.

It started off with the Liverpool coat of arms, with the Roman god Neptune, depicted on a crest and it has undergone a series of changes until date.

Currently, the logo has an image that has now been adapted to feature an elegant red liver bird placed inside of a bold shield emblem.

Flames are placed on either side of the shield, with the date when the club was first founded depicted in a banner underneath the image. The phrase “You’ll Never Walk Alone” appears at the top of the crest, for an extra dose of inspiration.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

3) Chelsea

The Chelsea logo surely deserves to be among the top 10 coolest English Premier League logos owing to its uniqueness. The logo came into existence in began in 1905 when the club was first founded.

The Chelsea Football Club emblem is based on elements in the coat of arms for the Chelsea Metropolitan Borough, with the lion taken from the arms of the club president Viscount Chelsea. The staff in the lion’s hands comes from the Abbots of Westminster.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

4) Arsenal

Arsenal was first established more than 135 years ago as “Dial Square” in 1886 and today, it is the third most successful club in English football history. Arsenal is also one of the well-known teams worldwide.

The Arsenal Football Club crest features a shield-shaped emblem, with the colours of the Arsenal community depicted throughout, and the name “Arsenal” written in white lettering. The canon comes from the official coat of arms for Arsenal when it was first introduced in the 1800s.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

5) Manchester United

Manchester United is based in the Old Trafford region of Greater Manchester and is also known by some as the “Red Devils”. The club was originally founded in 1878 as the Newton Health LYR football club.

The Manchester United EPL logo comes from the Manchester City Council coat of arms. Currently, all that remains from the original logo is the ship in sail. The devil comes from the nickname for the club which was chosen over the years.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

6) West Ham United

West Ham United is also another EPL club with an iconic logo. It was originally established as Thames Ironworks in 1895, more than 125 years ago.

West Ham United’s crest is derived from the Union Flag of the Thames Ironworks Team. According to some sporting experts, the two golden hammers in the logo are inspired by the team’s nickname “The Hammers” and were derived from the hammers used by shipbuilders from the ironworks.

The shield-shaped emblem also helps the club to maintain a sense of heritage, similar to other EPL logos.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

7) Tottenham Hotspur

Founded in 1982, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is based in Tottenham, London, and also has one of the best logos which certainly had to make it to the top 10 coolest English Premier League logos.

The team’s logo features a cockerel standing on top of a football. The Tottenham Hotspur name also appears underneath the central image. The Tottenham Hotspur logo has featured the same cockerel since 1921.

According to club history, the team was named after Harry Hotspur, who was given the “Hotspur” nickname as he dug his spurs into his horse to make it go faster during battles.

Spurs are also associated with fighting cockerels, which is where the animal in the image originally came from.

The top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

8) Wolverhampton Wanderers

One of the more unique English Premier League team logos on this list, the Wolverhampton Wanderers emblem looks nothing like the symbols used by other football teams.

The football team, otherwise known as “Wolves,” currently uses the image of a wolf’s face on a hexagon-shaped background as its logo.

This logo is a far cry from the coat-of-arms-style logos used by other leading EPL logos. The colours of gold and black in the image apparently allude to the city council motto, which is “Out of darkness cometh light”.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

9) Aston Villa

Aston Villa Football Club was founded in 1974 and is based in Aston in Birmingham. It is one of the better-known football clubs in England.

The Aston Villa football team logo features the letters “AVFC” and a star to represent the team’s European Cup win from the 1980s.

The lion on the badge was originally introduced by the Scottish managers George Ramsay and William McGregor.

Top 10 coolest English Premier League logos

10) Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Football Club has an unforgettable emblem, featuring a swooping Eagle. The Eagle, like many of the focal components in many English Premier League team logos, is based on the nickname for the team “The Eagles”.

The Crystal Palace logo today includes an image of a palace intended to represent the location of the football club and the name of the team.

The blue eagle is depicted above, holding a red traditional-style football in its talons. The image is a very eye-catching and modern one compared to some of the other top EPL logos.