Rafael Leao’s lawyer denies transfer rumours about his client

Rafael Leao is in contract negotiations with AC Milan.

SERIE A Rafael Leao’s lawyer denies transfer rumours about his client

Faruq Ibrahim 23:31 - 01.02.2023

Rafael Leao's representative has come out to dispel 'false and misleading information' about his client.

Rafael Leao’s agent, Tim Dimvula, has come out to dispel the rumours that question Rafael Leao’s commitment to AC Milan.

The 23-year-old winger has been subject to many transfer rumours and speculations since the rise of his level of performance at AC Milan; however, according to his representative, who is currently working on a contract extension with the Rossoneri for him, the Portuguese only wants to continue with Milan.

Leao want’s to continue at Milan

The transfer journalist reports a conversation he had with Tim Dimvula, the representative of Rafael Leao, revealing that Leao wants to continue at Milan, and that has always been his plan.

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao was a key transfer target for Chelsea
AC Milan forward Rafael Leao was key transfer target for Chelsea

Dimvula says there are many false and misleading reports about this client, especially by the Italian press, and he believes it is done to contaminate the good relationship he and his client have with AC Milan management.

Leao, whose contract expires in the summer of 2024, is currently in negotiations with AC Milan over a new contract, and Dimvula says the talks are going smoothly with Milan, and a satisfactory solution is being found for all parties.

The player’s lawyer reiterates that the player's priority has always been AC Milan, and it has not changed, as he wants to grow and progress with the Rossoneri.

There were reports suggesting Leao’s camp is trying to work a lower release clause into his contractto ease a possible exit next summer, but Dimvula has said it to be false.

Leao, hot property

Rafael Leao's profile rose exponentially, and the left winger was a transfer target for many clubs, including Chelsea. AC Milan managed to stave off interest.

The Portuguese winger helped AC Milan to her first league title in ten years, and according to his agent, he is settled at the club, loves the city, and wants to continue at the San Siro.

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