‘Expensive mistake’ — Fans react as Rashford wrecks ₦600m Rolls Royce after Burnley win

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford survives car crash || Photo credit: Imago, Daily Mail, Tiktok/@puddle86

‘Expensive mistake’ — Fans react as Rashford wrecks ₦600m Rolls Royce after Burnley win

Ayoola Kelechi 12:38 - 24.09.2023

Marcus Rashford was lucky to survive a car crash unharmed after his Rolls Royce was not so lucky

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford survived a serious accident after the England international crashed into a traffic islander lamp post on Saturday night.

Rashford uninjured in car crash

The Red Devils striker was in action earlier in the day as Manchester United grinded a 1-0 victory away to Burnley before being involved in the car crash mere hours later. 

Rashford emerged from the accident unharmed, but his expensive vehicle felt the brunt of the crash and was badly damaged in the incident. 

The car suffered apparently serious mutilation, with parts of the rear bumper torn away, according to videos of the wreckage and aftermath of the accident. 

Fans react to Rashford accident

Fans have reacted to the news of Rashford’s accident with gratitude for the striker’s safety, especially as he has been one of Manchester United’s most important players in recent times. 

The majority were relieved to find that the 25-year old was unharmed despite the apparent gravity of the accident, however, some others took the chance to mock the forward for “always” running into objects in front of him on and off the pitch. 

Fans also gawked at the price of Rashford’s vehicle, noting how devastating it must have been to damage such a prized possession. 

Reactions to Rashford's accident | X/@Rees3603
Reactions to Rashford's accident | X/@Rees3603

The cause of the crash remains unknown, although police were on the scene to observe the incident alongside Rashford’s club captain, Bruno Fernandes. 

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