Revealed: FIFA 23 headlines the Top 5 football games to play on PlayStation 5

GAMING Revealed: FIFA 23 headlines the Top 5 football games to play on PlayStation 5

David Ben 18:38 - 19.05.2023

Check out the Top 5 football games you should be copping on your PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 is one of the best pieces of tech Sony has released in the last decade.

The highly-acclaimed device remains one of the most highly-coveted pieces of tech in the gaming industry.

Sports is also one of the most popular genres in video gaming culture today, with gamers keen to harness the power of the PlayStation that make titles like football, basketball, and even racing look like the real thing.

PlayStation 5 Console/via BestBuy

The PlayStation 5 has gradually become one of the most popular companions for avid gamers worldwide.

In this article, we look at the Top 5 football games you should start playing on your PS5.

5 football games you should start playing on PS5

5. Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League was released in 2015 and has bagged hundreds of awards.

The game which is free to play boasts a massive cross-platform player base if you want to take to the global competitive stage, or you can chill vs the CPU in single-player matchups.

The beautiful game allows you to kick the ball in your juiced-up car that can skid, flip and even drive up walls. 

The games are also short and sweet at 5 minutes plus overtime, which makes Rocket a better pick-up-and-play football game than the more tactical soccer video games which will be listed below.

4. Football Manager 2023

FM 23
FM 23

FM 23 returned back on consoles last in February after an initial delay.

Sports Interactive’s addictive iconic simulation game brings the joy of tactics, spreadsheets and transfers to your TV. 

It’s the first Football Manager game on a PlayStation since the heady days of FM Handheld 2014 on the PlayStation Vita.

This legendary management simulation sees you become the overseer of your favourite football club on the quest for glory. 

You can choose your club, or start unemployed and look for your new favourite team. You will need to keep your squad happy and scoring, scout the next best players and, ultimately, win every single trophy you can.

If you manage to spring positive results, the board might give you some more transfer budget, but if things are going badly, you could be out of a job in seconds.

Best believe your replacement is just one contract away.

The console version of FM 23 is slimmed down in comparison to the PC, but it operates at a much better pace. 

3. FIFA 22 

FIFA 22 cover art

FIFA 22 remains one of the best releases from EA Sports and FIFA’s defunct collaboration.

Whether you want to find an instant matchup online and just want to play Career Mode or couch co-op with friends, FIFA 22 is still not far off from its successor.

 In FIFA 22’s Online mode, it’s hard to resist the thrills of building a squad from scratch and coming up against superior squads from players who had the game since launch and acquired better players to boost their squad strength.

2. eFootball 2023

eFootball 2023
eFootball 2023/via Konami

Konami has rebranded Pro Evolution Soccer as eFootball 23.

In the PS2/PS3 era, avid gamers were either a Team FIFA or Team Pro Evolution Soccer player. 

To this day, fans of the iconic Konami title believe that PES was a better representation of football in real life.

After a shaky start, eFootball 23 has managed to record over 600,000 downloads across console, PC and mobile - a major indication of the franchise’s potential.

Konami’s eFootball content also features MyClub, which is their equivalent of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode.

Although, it can sometimes feel like a mobile game until you get into a match.

Regardless, eFootball remains a decent free-to-play soccer game and even better on the PS5.

1. FIFA 23

PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe and Chelsea women star Sam Kerr are the cover stars of EA Sports FIFA 23

No surprises who the number one on this list is.

FIFA 23 is simply the best soccer video game out there in the world.

FIFA’s realistic match play, licensed graphics with the biggest clubs and stadiums in the world places it some distance ahead of its rival eFootball.

We can forgive the cringe commentary from Derek Rae, but the game’s graphics and superb aesthetics make it as addictive as ever.

FIFA 23 also features exciting game modes for everyone, including Career Mode, Pro Clubs, freestyle VOLTA FOOTBALL, and of course FIFA Ultimate Team.

FUT gets deeper by the year and has more content to grind and cards to collect.

For the first time ever, EA has introduced crossplay so you need not worry about the difficulty in whopping your friend’s ass if he’s on a different console such as the Xbox Series X|S.

Simply put, FIFA 23 is best experienced on PS5; due to its much more advanced processing including HyperMotion2 motion capture, which brings a ton of animations from a real football match into the game. 

On the PS5 DualSense controller, you can even hear the sound of the ball hitting the post coming through the inbuilt speaker. 

Just one of the many reasons why FIFA 23 leads the pack as far as football video games are concerned.

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