EA Sports FC Release Date details: When will FIFA's successor arrive?

EA Sports FC Release Date details

GAMING EA Sports FC Release Date details: When will FIFA's successor arrive?

David Ben 13:13 - 16.05.2023

EA has since trademarked EA Sports FC as their new soccer video gaming franchise following their fallout with FIFA.

EA Sports FC’s release date window has officially been confirmed.

This comes following EA;s fallout with the world’s football governing body last year.

The end of their 30-year partnership now meant that the EA Sports FIFA series will soon be defunct with EA Sports FC already trademarked as it’s replacement.

EA sports FC Release Date Update
FIFA president Gianni Infantino says FIFA video game franchise will continue despite split from EA Sports.

However, FIFA have also made it clear that the FIFA series will continue with another developer in charge.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has also assured that FIFA 24 will rival EA Sports FC, although details of its release remain unclear.

EA Sports FC Release Date Window Confirmed

EA sports FC Release Date Update
EA Sports FC confirm release date window

Last week, EA released its fourth quarter and fiscal year-end results.

The report also revealed some interesting pieces of information about FIFA 23, FIFA 22 and the upcoming EA Sports FC series.

In slide 9 of the Q4 FY23 earnings slides, EA confirmed once more that EA Sports FC is the name of its new series of games, with a brand new entry in the series set to be released every year. 

What this means is that like many expected, the first title in the series will be named EA Sports FC 24 – or EAFC 24 – with the publisher expected to follow the same yearly naming pattern, subsequently after FIFA 23.

Slide 9 of EA’s report also confirmed that the first title in the new EA Sports FC series will be released in Q2 FY24.

EA Sports FC Release Date
EA Sports FIFA 23 Screenshot

In non-corporate terms, this means that the EA Sports FC 24 release date window will fall between August 1, 2023 and October 31, 2023, following in the same format as the soon-to-be-defunct EA Sports FIFA series.

EA reveal $7.3 billion profit in Total Net Bookings

EA sports FC Release Date
EA Sports FC logo

In EA’s Q4 FY23 earnings press release, EA stated that FIFA 23 has now surpassed the life-time sales of FIFA 22 in just six months, with the latest game now the most successful and best-selling title in the series' history.

The report revealed that in Q4 alone (December 31, 2022 to March 31, 2023), net bookings (the net amount of products and services sold either digitally or physically), for EA Sports FIFA titles grew 31% year-over-year, with live services (in-game purchases like FIFA points) grew 20% year-over-year.

EA saw a significant spike in profit from both sales of the full game as well as the in-game purchases for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Overall, EA made $7.3 billion in total net bookings in its last financial year, with $5.5 billion of this coming from live service net bookings. 

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