Carlos Alcaraz: Meet the present and future of men's tennis

Carlos Alcaraz with the Bellingham celebration after his victory. (Photo Credit: Alcaraz/X)

Carlos Alcaraz: Meet the present and future of men's tennis

Pulse Sports Team 16:19 - 04.10.2023

At the age of 20, Carlos Alcaraz's standing as the future of men's tennis is well-established. He has already held he world no.1 ranking, and his win over Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon 2023 solidified him as a superstar, and guaranteed he will be in the frame for many more majors over the next two decades. Here is everything you need to know about this fledgling tennis icon.

Where was Carlos Alcaraz born?

Carlos Alcaraz was born in 2003 in El Palmar, a densely populated district in Murcia, a region in southeastern Spain.

Where is Carlos Alcaraz from?

While Carlos Alcaraz was born in Murcia, he currently resides in Villena, a city in Valencia which borders his birthplace. 

Are Carlos Alcaraz’s parents married?

Yes, Carlos Alcaraz’s parents – Carlos Alcaraz González and Virginia Garfia Escandon – are indeed married.

Alcaraz Sr, who was a tennis player of respectable pedigree in the 1990s, married fellow Spain native Garfia when they were both in their 20s. They have four children together, all of them male. The oldest, Alvaro, is an actor, while both Sergio and Jaime are in school; Jaime is also in training to be a tennis player. 

Can Carlos Alcaraz speak English?

Carlos Alcaraz can speak English. While his speech is heavily accented and his vocabulary is limited, Alcaraz is capable of conveying his thoughts in the unofficial second language of the professional tennis tour. He is also constantly improving, and regularly charms English-speaking audiences with his earnest efforts and his easy grasp of humour.

Are Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal friends?

No, they are not. However, while there is no reason to believe they are friends with one another, Alcaraz has referred to Rafael Nadal as an idol for him, and revealed the 22-time Grand Slam champion sent him a text message ahead of his 2023 Wimbledon Final victory over Novak Djokovic.

There is clearly a lot of warmth between Alcaraz and Nadal, and comparisons have been made between them not just on account of shared Spanish nationality, but also due to their aggressive game styles. Djokovic, who enjoyed a storied rivalry with Nadal, said of his most recent meetings with Alcaraz, “The feeling that I have on the court reminds me a little bit when I was facing Nadal when we were at our primes.”

Alcaraz has also trained with Nadal, an experience he described as “unforgettable” and “unique”.

How did Carlos Alcaraz beat Novak Djokovic?

Carlos Alcaraz enjoys an equal head to head record against Novak Djokovic across four meetings, with his most high-profile victory over the Serb coming in the final of Wimbledon 2023. On Centre Court, Alcaraz prevailed over Djokovic 1-6, 7-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-4.

A lopsided first set was decided by Djokovic’s running forehand and greater precision on the court, but the Spaniard rallied to take the next two, adapting his shots for greater margin and in favour of timing (as opposed to raw power), being more patient and trusting his physical superiority in longer rallies. 

Alcaraz also returned exceptionally well, reducing the illustrious Serb to only two aces in the entire match, and took advantage of slightly windy conditions to play loopier shots, drawing errors out of Djokovic.

The fifth and final set saw both men play their best tennis, leading to a high-quality decider. In the end, Alcaraz’s use of the drop shot, as well as his audacious volleying at the net, saw him prevail against Djokovic for his second major title. 

What is Carlos Alcaraz's net worth?

Conservative estimates indicate Carlos Alcaraz is worth $14 million (as of July 2023). However, on account of earning new sponsorships following his triumph at Wimbledon, it is believed that his earnings have now surpassed the $20 million mark. Alcaraz currently has commercial partnerships with, among others, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Nike, BMW, Calvin Klein and Babolat.

Who is Carlos Alcaraz’s coach?

Carlos Alcaraz is currently coached by former Spanish and world no.1 Juan Carlos Ferrero, in whose Equelite JC Ferrero Sport Academy he has trained since the age of 15. 

Carlos Alcaraz with coach Juan Carlos Ferrero
Juan Carlos Ferrero (behind) instructs Carlos Alcaraz (Credit: IMAGO/NurPhoto/David Aliaga)

As a player, Ferrero won the 2003 French Open, finished runner-up at the 2002 French Open and 2003 US Open, and held the no.1 position in the world for two months in late 2003. Since his retirement from professional tennis in 2012, Ferrero most notably worked with German Alexander Zverev before Alcaraz’s rise to prominence.

Prior to linking up with Ferrero, Alcaraz trained at the Real Sociedad club in Murcia, where his father served as director of the tennis academy.

Which watch does Carlos Alcaraz wear?

To date, Carlos Alcaraz has been sighted exclusively sporting the Rolex brand of wristwatches. More specifically, it appears he is partial to the Swiss company’s Daytona range: during his Wimbledon 2023 trophy lift, he was spotted wearing the Daytona 116518LN-0076 in gold (retail price: ~$45,000), and when he won the US Open in 2022, he wore the Daytona 116500LN​​ with a black dial (retail price: ~$32,800) for his trophy lift.

Carlos Alcaraz lifts the Wimbledon trophy
Carlos Alcaraz can be seen sporting the Rolex Daytona 116518 during his Wimbledon trophy lift (Credit:IMAGO/Paul Zimmer)

He has also been photographed with the Rolex Yacht Master RLX Titanium, which retails at around $30,000.

What has Carlos Alcaraz won?

As of October 2023, Carlos Alcaraz has won two Grand Slams: the 2022 US Open and Wimbledon 2023. 

In addition to those major honours, he has also won four Masters 1000 titles (Miami Open 2022, Madrid Open 2022 & 2023, and Indian Wells 2023), four ATP 500 titles (Rio Open 2022, Barcelona Open 2022 & 2023, and Queen's Club Championships 2023), two ATP 250 titles (Croatia Open 2021, Argentina Open 2023), and the 2021 ATP Next Generation Finals, all in singles competition. 

He has amassed a 151-39 win-loss record, was named the ATP Player of the Year in 2022, and won the 2023 Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year award.

Who is Carlos Alcaraz’s girlfriend?

It is rumoured that Carlos Alcaraz is dating fellow athlete Maria Gonzalez Gimenez. While both details of their relationship and Gonzalez’s private life have been stringently kept away from the public eye, an Instagram story from 2022 seems to provide confirmation that they are an item.

Carlos Alcaraz for Louis Vuitton

In June 2023, ahead of his historic run to Wimbledon success, French fashion outfit Louis Vuitton announced Carlos Alcaraz as their newest ambassador. “For me, Louis Vuitton is really a brand that I have always looked to and when the opportunity to work with the team arose, it instantly felt like a perfect partnership,” the Spaniard told Vogue

Carlos Alcaraz Louis Vuitton campaign
Carlos Alcaraz Louis Vuitton campaign (Credit: Esquire/Dan Jackson)
Carlos Alcaraz Louis Vuitton campaign
Carlos Alcaraz Louis Vuitton campaign (Credit: Esquire/Dan Jackson)

“I really want to know more about it and be more into fashion. I think it’s a very interesting world and it excites me.”

Alcaraz’s debut campaign with Louis Vuitton saw him modelling the brand’s ‘New Formal Collection’, a reimagining of their “quintessential designs with a modern flair”.

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