‘You want free food’ - Israel Adesanya shades entitled women who insist on dinner dates during talking stage

Former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya | Credit: Instagram(@stylebender)

‘You want free food’ - Israel Adesanya shades entitled women who insist on dinner dates during talking stage

David Ben 10:43 - 11.11.2023

Israel Adesanya has peed in the dating pool following his message to ladies on social media

Israel Adesanya has shared his opinion on the topic of dating and relationships.

The controversial Nigerian-Kiwi fighter has been out of action since losing his UFC middleweight title to Sean Strickland weeks ago.

Pulse Sports reported that the Last Style bender recently appeared in Saudi Arabia to show support for former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou during his fight against WBO heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Israel Adesanya
Nigerian and New Zealand professional mixed martial artist Israel Mobolaji Adesanya has given his perspective on religion and God.

Izzy was joined by Kamaru Usman as the duo both teamed up to support the Cameroonian MMA superstar during his first professional boxing match which he lost via a unanimous decision in Saudi Arabia weeks ago.

Israel Adesanya quizzes ladies over ‘dinner date’ entitlement

Isreal Adesanya
Former UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya| Credit: IMAGO

Adesanya, one of the most controversial MMA stars of his generation, has been known to not hold back while airing his opinion on general issues.

The 34-year-old fighter who is currently enjoying some time off from the Octagon shared a video on his official Instagram story, where he gave his blunt opinion about dinner dates with women.

The former UFC middleweight champion captioned the clip,  ‘So you can’t cook but you want free food,’ before he said: 

“Like these girls will be like [you know when you’re flirting and stuff]...oh you gotta take me to dinner first…..

“So you just want free food?? …Why do I have to take you to dinner?....Why don’t you take me to dinner?.....I like free food too, I like to chop…why don’t you take me to dinner?...As a matter of fact, take yourself.”

Izzy’s comments come months after his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell allegedly threatened to sue him following their break up.

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya and his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell broke up in 2020

Adesanya that Powdrell was demanding for half of his multi-million dollar fortune after they went their separate ways.

Although, the UFC superstar made it crystal clear that he will not be releasing a dime to his ex-girlfriend, having dated for over a year.

Pulse Sports reported that Israel Adesanya is the most followed Nigerian athlete on social media in 2023.

Izzy is also one of the highest-rated fighters in the new EA Sports UFC 5 game.