Dani Alves set for appeal hearing in sexual assault case as police report details come to light

Dani Alves Has Been Granted Probation Amid Sexual Assault Conviction I Credit: IMAGO

Dani Alves set for appeal hearing in sexual assault case as police report details come to light

David Ben 11:12 - 16.02.2023

Thursday, February 16 is a crucial day in the Dani Alves case, with all parties set for the hearing of the Brazilian footballer's appeal amid allegations of rape.

 Dani Alves’ ongoing sexual assault case could take a turn for the better or worse on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

According to reports, the Court of Barcelona has finally summoned all parties involved, for the hearing of the Brazilian international’s appeal over an accusation of sexual assault levelled against the former Barcelona star.

The Selecao defender is accused of raping a 23-year-old lady at a nightclub in Barcelona on December 31, 2022, and has since been arrested and transferred to Brians II detention centre.

Alves’ defense team is requesting provisional freedom for him until the trial is held.

Dani Alves

However, fresh information has now emerged about the case, which could either spell doom or hope for the 38-year-old footballer.

Police report details revealed in Dani Alves case

Dani Alves

According to a report from Spanish publication AS, Antena 3 have provided exclusive details of the police report of the case, detailing the key 10 minutes of the alleged incident.

According to the report, at 4:57am of December 31, the police received the notice from the Sutton nightclub after a 23-year-old lady told the management she had been raped by the footballer.

The statement as transcribed by AS reads: "Sexual assault at Sutton nightclub. Call from the manager. He reports that a girl says she has been sexually harassed. There has been physical contact. The two sides are on the spot. They ask for an ambulance just in case."

“The agents arrived at the premises at 5:11, and at 5:41 they already expose in the crowded that it is a possible victim of sexual assault, after the young woman told them what happened in the bathroom of the reserved of the disco.

“At 5:46 they note that the author of the aggression is no longer in the place, and at 6:01 the document informs that the girl is transferred to the Hospital Clínic along with her two companions."

Dani Alves formerly of Pumas in action during the football match between Pumas v. Tigres of the Opening tournament 2022 of MX League

According to the victim's lawyer, this is when doctors prescribe the necessary drugs to preserve her health: "The hospital prescribed a treatment aimed at avoiding any type of infectious disease, because no condom was used."

Antena 3 also reports that, at  5:41am, the agents register that there is a possible sexual assault and minutes later, when looking for the footballer, they discover that he had left the scene - confirming what the victim stated from right from the beginning.

Another of the key points of the police report is that the friends who were with the victim, and who also accompanied her to the hospital, also reported harassment by the Brazilian, by blaming the footballer for touching without their consent during the time they were together in the nightclub.

However, the defense of Alves, after watching the videos of that night, have already responded in their appeal: "It is far from being the context and scenario of environmental intimidation," they said.

Dani Alves' appeal hearing

The ongoing sexual assault case against Dani Alves is costing the Brazil international a lot of money.

Today is the hearing for the appeal filed by the defense of Alves, to which all parties are summoned in the Barcelona Court.

Alves lawyer, Cristóbal Martell asks for the provisional release of the Brazilian, which the prosecutor’s office opposes in the strongest of terms because of the seriousness of the facts of which the footballer is accused, and also due to a clear risk of the footballer taking flights as they feel he is economically empowered because he is a native of Brazil - a country that has no extradition agreement with Spain.

Meanwhile, Martell argues that Alves has both family and business roots in Barcelona, to remove any risk of escape, also adding that the footballer proposes the option of wearing a telematic bracelet to always be located and have a restraining order and prohibition to contact the victim in this regard.

He has also suggested Alves surrenders both his two passports since he is of dual nationality: Brazilian and Spanish, as well as going to sign at the courts periodically.

Dani Alves has been in pre-trial detention for the alleged sexual assault he committed on December 30 at a nightclub in Barcelona and could face up to 12 years in prison should he be found guilty.

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