Gerard Pique flaunts new lover amid reported feud with ex-girlfriend Shakira

Gerard Pique flaunts new lover amid reported feud with ex-girlfriend Shakira

David Ben 21:51 - 26.05.2023

The former Barcelona defender recently shared another rare photo of himself and his new girlfriend Clara Chai Marti amid his rumoured feud with his ex, Shakira.

Gerard Pique seems to be enjoying his new relationship with his new-found love following his controversial breakup with Colombian singer Shakira.

Pique, 36, has since moved on from the Colombian somgstress and is now dating a new lady known as Clara Chia Marti.

Rumours of Pique and Clara Chia’s relationship have been making the rounds on social media since August 2022, one month after he and Shakira publicly announced their separation.

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chai Marti/via Instagram

The former Barcelona defender released a photo of he and his new girlfriend cosying up on his Instagram in January this year - a post that went viral on social media and triggered widespread reactions from netizens.

Gerard Pique shows off fresh photo with new girlfriend Clara Chai Marti amid Shakira feud

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique

The former Barcelona defender has now uploaded a similar selfie of he and Clara Chai Marti, very similar to his January post.

Earlier this week, Pique took to his Instagram page with over 22.7 million followers to remind fans of how happy he is in his new relationship, posing for a selfie with his new girlfriend alongside a simple caption of an orange heart emoji.

This comes amid reports of a possible rift between Pique and his ex-girlfriend Shakira.

Pulse Sports reported that Pique could be forced to sue Shakira after she featured their two sons, Milan and Sasha in her latest music video, Acrostico.

 The boys were seen playing the piano and singing the track's chorus.

Spanish media outlet Marca, reported that journalist Lorena Vazquez said that the footballer got to know about his sons debut after the Acrostico music video was released.

"He did not know, nor has he been asked for permission, nor authorization and it seems that neither his children had told him,” the journalist said.

She also revealed that Gerard was in shock at the situation that he was not informed or asked about the video and will be taking Shakira to the court if need be as they are co-parents of the children.

"He is in shock,” the outlet revealed. “He has spoken to his lawyer to see what can be done about it.”

However, another report says that Pique and Shakira are in fact on good terms.

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira ended their 11-year relationship in June 2022

Sportskeeda reports that Shakira's lawyer has claimed that the situation between the singer and Gerard Pique is now a good one. It comes after months of tension between the pair amid their breakup. 

The lawyer stated via El Nacional:

"I can only give a legal opinion. What she does, always does well, the children are preserved and the situation is now great. I don't have any news about (anything) wrong."

She added:

"Everything is fixed, everything is fine, he's going to visit the children, everything works. Now they can rest."

Shakira’s newest song 'Acrostico' is an open letter to the former couple's two children, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8.

The two boys featured in the emotional song which is about a mother finding strength through her children.


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