Shakira: 3 reasons why Gerard Piqué may take legal action against his ex-girlfriend

Shakira: 3 reasons why Gerard Pique may take legal action against his ex-girlfriend

Shakira: 3 reasons why Gerard Piqué may take legal action against his ex-girlfriend

David Ben 22:51 - 19.05.2023

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is reportedly considering suing his famous ex-girlfriend and Colombian singer Shakira nearly a year after their split.

Gerard Pique and Shakira continue to make the headlines despite their controversial split nearly a year ago.

This time, the former Barcelona defender who has since moved on with his new girlfriend known as Clara Chai Marti, has been upset by the actions of his ex-girlfriend.

According to reports, Pique is upset with Shakira after watching the latest video of his former girlfriend’s new song Acrostico, which marks the debut of their sons, Milan and Sasha in screen.

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Gerard Pique is upset with his ex-girlfriend Shakira over her 'Acrostico' music video

The 36-year-old former Barcelona player could now reportedly seek legal action against the Waka Waka hitmaker for a number of reasons which we will discuss below in this article.

Why did Shakira and Gerard Pique break up?

Gerard Pique and Shakira ended their 11-year relationship in June 2022, after it was revealed that the former Spain international footballer cheated on his famous ex.

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Gerard Pique and Shakira ended their 11-year relationship in 2022

The pair released a joint statement via Shakira’s team that read:

"We regret to confirm that we are separating," the statement read. 

We ask for privacy at this moment for the well-being of our children, who are our maximum priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect.

Since the breakup, Gerard Pique has started dating 23-year-old student Clara Chia and the couple hasn’t been shy about showing off their love.

However, the former Manchester United defender might be considering suing his famous ex after their high-profile split over her recent decision to include their kids in her music video.

Check out the music video below:

3 Reasons why Gerard Pique could sue his ex-girlfriend Shakira

1. Invasion of their children’s privacy

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Gerard Pique is reportedly upset with Shakira after featuring their sons in her latest music video

According to reports, Pique is prepared to take legal action against his former girlfriend as he feels their children’s privacy were violated by the ‘Hips don’t lie’ crooner.

Milan and Sasha are 9 and 7 years old respectively and the former Barcelona defender feels his two sons do not have consent to appear in their mother’s music video, especially as Pique prefers his children’s lives are kept as private as possible.

Following their breakup last year, Pique told Spanish publication El Pais in March 2023, that he's focused on doing "what's best for their kids" and "protecting them" from any harm.

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Gerard Pique and Shakira's sons Milan (R) and Shakira

The Spaniard was said to have frowned at Shakira’srecent decision to feature them in her video and risk their exposure to social abuse.

2. Pique feels disrespected by Shakira as his consent was not also sought despite being co-parents with the Colombian singer

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their split in June 2022

Spanish media outlet Marca, reported that journalist Lorena Vazquez said that the footballer got to know about his sons debut after the Acrostico music video was released.

"He did not know, nor has he been asked for permission, nor authorization and it seems that neither his children had told him,” the journalist said.

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Shakira and her two sons, Milan and Sasha

She also revealed that Gerard was in shock at the situation that he was not informed or asked about the video and will be taking Shakira to the court if need be as they are co-parents of the children.

"He is in shock,” the outlet revealed. “He has spoken to his lawyer to see what can be done about it.”

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Gerard Pique could file a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend Shakira

 The boys were seen playing the piano and singing the track's chorus.

"This year, Milan has written songs that have brought me to tears of emotion and Sasha has spent hours at the piano, finding his voice," Shakira wrote on Instagram. 

"Milan and Sasha, it's so nice to see how you spread your wings and follow your dreams! There is nothing that makes me more fulfilled than being your mother."

However, Pique is still yet to publicly comment on the matter.

3. Pique could see it as giving him an upper hand in custody of his children

Shakira Acrostico Pique
Gerard Pique, formerly of Barcelona and his two sons

Shakira and Pique announced their separation in June 2022, almost 12 years after they started dating and after months of long negotiations, Pique and Shakira reached an agreement concerning their children.

The former couple reportedly agreed that Shakira could take their kids to Miami with them with him getting 10-day visiting rights.  

"For eight years they have been living in Barcelona, but she and the kids are moving to Miami, where all her maternal family live," a source said.

However, the new development could reportedly force Pique to reconsider battling for full custody of his two sons as he feels deeply upset at Shakira for not seeking his consent before exposing their children.

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