Victor Wanyama finally puts viral spaghetti tweet to test in cooking challenge [VIDEO]

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STARS ABROAD Victor Wanyama finally puts viral spaghetti tweet to test in cooking challenge [VIDEO]

Festus Chuma 07:30 - 18.08.2023

The ex-Celtic star impresses as he unveils his culinary prowess, serving up delicious pasta.

Sometimes, it is the simplest pleasures that leave a lasting impression. Former Kenya international Victor Wanyama has once again captured the internet's attention, but this time it is not just with his words. 

Nearly a decade after his viral tweet about enjoying a plate of spaghetti, Wanyama has showcased his culinary prowess in a cooking demonstration. 

The former Celtic star, who now plies his trade with CF Montreal, teamed up with the club's chef, Dave Dobson, to exhibit his kitchen skills, finally putting those spaghetti-cooking rumours to rest.

In 2012, Wanyama unwittingly sparked a social media frenzy when he shared his gastronomic encounter with spaghetti.

His now-iconic tweet, "I had spaghetti and it was very nice. I enjoyed it," garnered a staggering 40,000 retweets and turned the footballer into an unexpected online sensation. 

His earnest enjoyment of the humble dish struck a chord with netizens worldwide, and over the years, the tweet has taken on a life of its own.

Fast-forward nine years, and the spaghetti aficionado has transformed his culinary curiosity into tangible skills.

Wanyama, who has since traded the Premier League for the MLS, on Thursday took to the kitchen in a video released by CF Montreal.

The footage showcases a confident Wanyama, donning an apron and armed with fresh ingredients. 

Alongside the team's chef, he embarks on a step-by-step tutorial of creating a delicious pasta dish.

The sizzle of the pan fills the air as he drizzles it with oil, creating a canvas for the dance of flavors about to unfold.

Onions and garlic join the pan in harmonious sputters, releasing their aromatic essence into the kitchen.

A splash of white wine adds depth to the medley, and as the concoction simmers, tomato paste is introduced, painting the scene in a rich hue of red.

With the pasta cooked to perfection, Wanyama's culinary creation is complete. As he serves the dish, a genuine "Wow! Yummy, this is great," escapes his lips.

The heartwarming moment reaches its crescendo when Wanyama invites his teammates to sample his culinary creation. 

With a smile, he encourages them to taste his dish, and as they take their first bites, the room erupts in applause.

It is a heartening scene that encapsulates the camaraderie and spirit of unity that exists within a team like Montreal Impact.