Ronaldo made it possible — Mourinho on coaching in Saudi League

Mourinho coached Ronaldo at Real Madrid || Image credit: Imago

Ronaldo made it possible — Mourinho on coaching in Saudi League

Faruq Ibrahim 21:52 - 26.03.2024

Jose Mourinho's contemplation of managing in the Saudi Pro League, fueled by recent interactions and offers, raises intriguing possibilities for his future.

Amidst swirling rumours and speculations, Jose Mourinho shed light on his potential consideration of managing in the Saudi Pro League.

The football world is abuzz with discussions about Mourinho's future following his recent engagements with Saudi clubs and his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mourinho's Contemplation on Saudi Pro League

Jose Mourinho, renowned for his managerial prowess, recently hinted at the possibility of managing in the Saudi Pro League. Amid reports of discussions with Al Shabab's sporting director and offers from Al-Hilal and Al-Ahli, Mourinho's future has sparked intense interest among football enthusiasts.

Mourinho's View on Saudi Arabia and Future Plans

Mourinho's recent visits to Saudi Arabia, marked by his presence at prominent sporting events, have fueled speculation about his potential managerial stint in the Middle East.

Jose Mourinho, former Roma manager || Imago
Jose Mourinho, former Roma manager || Imago

Despite the buzz, Mourinho clarified that his current visits are recreational in nature and underscored the importance of making mindful decisions regarding his future in football.

He acknowledged Cristiano Ronaldo's impact in opening the door to envisioning a managerial role in Saudi Arabia, hinting at the unpredictability of future opportunities.

"Cristiano opened the door in terms of believing that it is possible to be there and live there, to enjoy the development of a country that wants to be a different country with football that has a passion but is not developed," Mourinho told Fabrizio.

"When I had the proposal, of course economically it was important because it was more important for me with Roma, European football and commitment. If you ask me in the future, experience has told me never say never."

Speaking on his presence in Saudi Arabia, he said, "If you ask me why I’m travelling to Saudi, I’m travelling today to Saudi, because I’m going to enjoy three days, watching boxing, watching Formula One and being with some friends, not because I’m going sign contracts, because now I have time until the end of the season to make the right decision for me."