Mourinho slams Serie A for Juventus 10-point deduction

Jose Mourinho has guided Roma to back-to-back finals in Europe

Mourinho slams Serie A for Juventus 10-point deduction

Faruq Ibrahim 23:37 - 22.05.2023

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho speaks out on the timing of the FIFC's decision to deduct 10 points from Juventus.

AS Roma boss Jose Mourinho has criticised the FIGC (Italian football federation) for their timing in the decision to dock Juventus 10 points. 

The FIGC appeal court announced this evening a 10-point deduction for the Old Lady for their capital gains scandal. The timing, however, is to the annoyance of Gillarossi's manager, Mourinho. 

What Mourinho said on Juventus point deduction

The Roma manager was talking today after his team's draw against Salernitana. The timing of his post-match press conference came after Juve's ruling, and he had strong opinions on it.  

Jose believes the judgment comes too late in the season, with only two games left in the season. The former Chelsea boss thought an earlier decision—Juventus dropping out of the top four—would have impacted his squad planning in recent weeks. 

The Roma boss rested players in their matches against Monza and Bologna, and he believes he would have made different choices had a Champions League been more probable. 

“It’s a joke to know this with two games remaining,” Mourinho said.

“For us and everyone, even for Juventus. Our approach would have been different if we had known before the games with Monza and Bologna. I am sorry for Allegri and his players, but at the league level, I have to say that it changes things a little.”

Meanwhile, Empoli handed Juventus a fresh source of disappointment as they ripped the Old Lady apart in a 4-1 victory.

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