‘If I was white it would be different’ - Robinho blows HOT after Milan Court slaps him with 9-YEAR Jail term for Gang Rape

Robinho speaks out after bagging 9-year jail term for 2013 gang rape allegations | Credit: Instagram, Getty

‘If I was white it would be different’ - Robinho blows HOT after Milan Court slaps him with 9-YEAR Jail term for Gang Rape

David Ben 07:20 - 19.03.2024

Robinho recently spoke out in an exclusive interview as he awaits his fate this week in the ongoing 2013 sexual assault scandal.

Former Brazilian international footballer Robinho has broken his silence in an interview addressing the recent court ruling sentencing him to nine years in prison for his involvement in a 2013 gang rape case.

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) is set to review the case this week to determine if Robinho will serve his sentence in Brazil.

Robinho expressed his frustration during an interview on March 17, questioning why he is the only one facing consequences for the collective crime involving five other individuals.

Robinho gang rape case
Former AC Milan and Brazil forward Robinho has had an international arrest warrant issued against him for his role in the gang rape of an Albanian woman in 2013 for which he received a nine year prison sentence

The 40-year-old former footballer vehemently denied the allegations, exclusively telling Sunday Spectacular, "They had the main goal of trying to convict me of something I didn't do."

The incident reportedly occurred in 2013 at the Sio Caffé nightclub in Milan, Italy, where Robinho was playing for AC Milan at the time.

Alongside the footballer, four other Brazilians were accused of assaulting a woman of Albanian origin during the event.

Robinho gang rape prison
Former Brazil and AC Milan star Robinho has been sentenced to 9-years in prison over a 2013 gang rape case| Credit: Imago

According to Robinho, his relationship with the victim was "superficial and quick," emphasizing that it was consensual.

Robinho also disputed claims that the woman was unconscious, asserting that he remembers different details from the night.

Robinho also raised concerns about racial bias, suggesting that if he were of a different ethnicity, his judgment might have been different.

He said: "The same people who do nothing with this kind of act, I repel racism, are the same ones who condemned me.

"If my judgment was for a white person, for an Italian, it would be completely different."

Robinho gang rape prison
Robinho believed his sentence would have been different if he was Italian | Credit: Imago

Ahead of the STJ trial, Robinho expressed hope for a fair hearing, stating that he intends to present evidence supporting his innocence.

Notably, the Court of Milan in Italy has requested Brazilian authorities to recognize and enforce the conviction, as Robinho currently resides in Brazil.

However, despite the conviction, Brazilian law prohibits the extradition of its citizens for the purpose of serving sentences abroad, potentially complicating the enforcement of Robinho's sentence if the STJ rules in favor of transferring the case to Brazil.

Robinho Gang Rape Case: Ex-Brazil international gears up for LEGAL BATTLE over execution of sentence

Robinho Gang rape prison
This week, Robinho is expected to know if the STJ will uphold the ruling of the Milan court amid extradition controversy | Credit: IMAGO

The legal battle surrounding Robinho's case has intensified as authorities grapple with the question of where the footballer will serve his nine-year sentence.

With the STJ set to review the case, the focus shifts to whether the Brazilian justice system will uphold the Italian court's decision.

Metropóles reports that Robinho's defense team is expected to present compelling evidence in his favour during the upcoming trial, emphasizing his innocence and challenging the validity of the conviction.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are determined to see justice served and advocate for the enforcement of the nine-year sentence.