He could grab our p*nis - Mikel Obi exposes Chelsea hero's CRAZY dressing room antics

Mikel Obi opens up on Diego Costa's crazy dressing room antics

He could grab our p*nis - Mikel Obi exposes Chelsea hero's CRAZY dressing room antics

David Ben 11:23 - 10.12.2023

Super Eagles and Chelsea legend Mikel Obi has opened up about a former teammate's bizarre antics in the locker room.

Super Eagles of Nigeria and Chelsea legend John Obi Mikel recently shed light on the eccentricities of one of his former teammates.

Mikel, one of the richest footballers in Nigeria, endured 11 successful years at Stamford Bridge has been in the headlines over the past few weeks over his comments on his new podcast - The Obi One Podcast.

Mikel Obi, former Nigeria ad Chelsea midfielder || Credit: X

What Mikel Obi said

Mikel Obi
Mikel Obi, former Nigeria ad Chelsea midfielder || Credit: X

The 36-year-old Super Eagles legend opened up about his former Chelsea teammate who he described as “absolutely crazy”.

Mikel recently painted a vivid picture of Spanish striker Diego Costa's antics in the Chelsea dressing room, highlighting a series of bizarre behaviors, most notably his penchant for randomly grabbing players' private parts.

Diego Costa
Diego Costa won the Premier League with Chelsea in the 2016-17 season | Credit: IMAGO

Diego Costa's time at Chelsea left an indelible mark not only on the pitch but also within the confines of the dressing room. 

The fact that Costa didn't speak a word of English only added to the bewilderment surrounding his off-field conduct.

"Diego Costa [was the biggest joker at Chelsea]," the Nigerian former midfielder said on The Obi One podcast.

 "He was a crazy, crazy guy. He comes in the dressing room and he just messes about. On the pitch during his training, he's fine but after training in the dressing room, he's absolutely crazy.

Mikel Obi
Mikel Obi and Diego Costa won the Premier League title with Chelsea in the 2014-15 season | Credit: IMAGO

"He screams, he speaks no word of English, he's cursing and screaming and shouting and dancing, and flipping everybody with a towel, grabbing what he can grab. He can grab your private parts, everything."

Diego Costa Chelsea Career

Diego Costa
Chelsea have struggled to replace Diego Costa at the club since his exit | Credit: IMAGO

Mikel and Diego Costa no doubt enjoyed massive success at Chelsea as the duo won several titles.

Costa's Chelsea stint, which lasted from 2014 to 2017, was distinguished by both prolific goal-scoring and a muscular, frequently contentious playing style.

Costa contributed significantly to Chelsea's 2014-2015 Premier League title triumph. His physicality, tenacity, and clinical finishing made him a fan favorite, and he finished the season with 20 league goals.

In the 2016-17 season, under the management of Antonio Conte, clinched another Premier League title.

Diego Costa
Diego Costa was an absolute beast for Chelsea | Credit: Getty

 Costa's 20 league goals were pivotal in securing the Premier League title for Chelsea.

 Despite the success, his relationship with Conte soured, leading to a high-profile falling out. 

Costa left Chelsea in 2017, returning to Atletico Madrid, leaving a complex legacy as a talismanic striker with a playing style that left an enduring impact on the club's recent history.

Since leaving Chelsea, the 35-year-old former Spain international has played for Atlético Mineiro, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and presently Botafogo of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.