French Referees Commission Slams UEFA for not selecting any female officials for Euro 2024

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French Referees Commission Slams UEFA for not selecting any female officials for Euro 2024

Ayoola Kelechi 23:06 - 25.04.2024

There will be no female match officials as Europe gets set to host its biggest continental national team showpiece

Stephanie Frappart, one of France's leading referees, will not be among the officials selected for Euro 2024 this summer due to what has been described as a disappointing season by her usual high standards.

Controversial Rating and Criticism

Frappart's performance earlier in the season during the Olympique Lyonnais and Valenciennes FC semi-final in the Coupe de France stirred controversy. She received a rare 1 rating from L’Équipe, with her decision-making and handling of situations heavily criticised by the paper. The rating sparked accusations of sexism, prompting L’Équipe to defend its rating system and rationale.

Despite the domestic setbacks, Frappart has established herself as a prominent figure in international refereeing. She has officiated in prestigious competitions such as the Champions League, World Cup, and the 2021 Olympics. UEFA's decision not to select her for Euro 2024 has drawn disappointment from Eric Borghini, the president of the Federal Referees Commission.

UEFA's Selection Criteria and Borghini's Response

Eric Borghini expressed disappointment with UEFA's selection process, highlighting it as a setback for gender equality in officiating at the highest European level. He emphasized the significance of Frappart's omission and the absence of any female referees among France's representatives as a concerning signal for the future.

The decision not to include Frappart and other female officials raises questions about gender representation and opportunities for women in refereeing. Borghini's remarks underscore the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity in football officiating, particularly at prestigious events like Euro 2024.

What next for UEFA?

Despite the setback, efforts to advance gender equality in refereeing are ongoing. Frappart's absence from Euro 2024 serves as a reminder of the challenges women face in breaking barriers and achieving recognition in traditionally male-dominated roles within football.

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