Explained: How much will Lionel Messi earn at Inter Miami in MLS?

Explained: How much will Lionel Messi earn at Inter Miami in MLS?

Faruq Ibrahim 23:04 - 07.06.2023
We break down the financial benefits of Messi's move to Inter Miami in the MLS.

Lionel Messi has confirmed tonight that he will be joining MLS side Inter Miami, snubbing interest from Al-Hilal and Barcelona. 

Although Barcelona had yet to table a formal offer, Messi stood to earn €500 million a season if he accepted the offer from Saudi Arabia. 

The financial deal in wages for his chosen option, the MLS, is nowhere near the Al-Hilal offer, but it remains a lucrative deal. 

We break down what Messi stands to earn from his move to North America. 

Messi's Inter Miami wages 

Comprehensive details on Messi's deal with the Herons Vice City are expected to surface in the coming days.

There are conflicting reports on the length of his deal, with some sources claiming he will sign a two-year deal, while others say four. 

His exact wages are also unconfirmed, but according to The Sporting News, he is expected to earn less than his current wages at PSG given the MLS wage cap. 

The current highest-paid player in the league is Switzerland and Chicago Fire's Xerdan Shaqiri, on a reported €7.6 million. 

Although Messi will be expected to earn above that, the current highest-paid player in the league is some way away from his €35 million a year at PSG. 

So what makes it lucrative?

When David Beckham made the move from Real Madrid to MLS (LA Galaxy) in 2007, the wage, although substantial, was not the cash cow.

He was offered the chance to buy an MLS club as part of an expansion at a cut price. Years later, he bought Inter Miami for $25 million. The club is reportedly worth $600 million today and is set to welcome possibly the greatest footballer of the millennium. 

Although Messi will not be offered a similar deal, as MLS clubs now go for $500 million, he is still in line for a significant windfall. 

According to the Athletic, the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner will be on a couple of profit-sharing deals.

The first is with Apple TV+, the official broadcaster of the MLS. According to the report, he will be given a portion of the revenue generated from new subscribers to the MLS Season Pass, the subscription method to watch the MLS on Apple TV. 

He will have a similar deal with Adidas, who provide kits for all MLS teams. This will reportedly see him receive a share of the increase in profit that comes as a result of his arrival in the league.  

Also, he will reportedly be given a chance to buy a stake in the club. All of this together makes up a huge MLS offer.  

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