Sony has reportedly sold over 580 million PlayStation consoles and handhelds

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GAMING Sony has reportedly sold over 580 million PlayStation consoles and handhelds

David Ben 10:18 - 06.02.2023

Since 1994, the Japanese video gaming giants have sold more than half a billion pieces of hardware units worldwide from PlayStation 1 to the Vita, and even PlayStation 5.

 Sony has shipped more than 585 million handhelds and consoles across the PlayStation ecosystem.

However, the Japanese gaming giants remain behind Nintendo who have sold more video games systems than anyone other company with over 800 million units shipped.

The latest console shipment numbers from Sony's holiday 2022 period earnings report shows that PlayStation 5 sales are finally starting to rise due to increased availability.

Recall that there was a period of scarcity of the PS5s last year, with Sony eventually confirming its availability towards the end of the year. 

Sony PlayStation Logo

This new wave of shipments reveals PlayStation currently is and the potential of its overall hardware growth.

PlayStation Hardware Sell-In/via TweakTown

Sony’s PlayStation shipment numbers

Sony PlayStation logo on a building in Kyiv/via Imago

Sony shipped 7.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles in Holiday 2022, bringing total PS5 shipments to 32.1 million while also elevating total platform unit shipments. 

According to numbers provided by Sony and compiled by Tweaktown, the PlayStation brand has shipped 585.6 million consoles and handhelds across the lifetime of each system. 

The data ranges from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 5 and also includes PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable shipments.

PlayStation 1 console
The PlayStation 2 console is one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Portable

However, Sony expects to ship a total of 19 million PlayStation 5 consoles by March 2023. 

PlayStation 5 Console/via BestBuy
PlayStation VR

The company has currently shipped 12.8 million PS5s, meaning Sony will have to break a new record and ship 6.2 million systems in a Q4 period.

 This has never been done before in the history of the PlayStation brand.

Sony made a record $3.11 billion from PlayStation hardware during the Q3 holiday period as consumers purchased more PS5 consoles.

2023 is expected to be another big year for PlayStation. 

With blockbuster exclusives like Final Fantasy XVI and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arriving this year, the gaming output is sure to push more systems and sales. 

Also release of the PlayStation VR 2 later this month on February 22 may also bump PS5 sales, depending on the general reception of the VR system.

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