NUGA and GAMR forge strategic long-term partnership to elevate Esports in Nigerian Universities


NUGA and GAMR forge strategic long-term partnership to elevate Esports in Nigerian Universities

Izuchukwu Akawor 12:39 - 28.11.2023

NUGA and gaming giant Gamr have renewed long-term partnership to develop Esports in Nigeria Universities

Today marks a groundbreaking moment as the Nigerian Universities Games Association (NUGA) joins forces with GAMR Tech Solutions Limited in a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionising the Electronic Sports (esports) and video game industry within Nigerian universities.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) heralds the beginning of an innovative collaboration that seeks to nurture esports talent, organize the annual top-tier inter-university games (Varsity Games) and develop related educational programs across the nation’s higher institutions.

NUGA and Gamr

Through this unique partnership, we are not only positioned to deliver unparalleled eSports experiences but also to tap into the immense potential of our youth during our annual varsity games and beyond, stated the Head of Partnerships at GAMR.

With the establishment of cutting-edge Game Labs in our universities, we’re paving the way for the next generation of African gaming industry professionals. 

NUGA and Gamr tie knot
NUGA and Gamr tie knot to nurture esports talents and organize the annual top-tier inter-university games

From game development and design to media, production, and project management, we’re cultivating a holistic ecosystem that will elevate our national talent to global stages.

This alliance is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to nurturing the leaders and innovators who will drive the gaming industry's future in Africa.’

In a move that promises to shape the future of digital sports in Nigeria, GAMR will serve as the exclusive partner for NUGA, managing and executing eSports activities and providing technical consultancy.

This symbiotic relationship extends to the utilization of NUGA’s extensive university network for promoting eSports initiatives.

Chidiebere the National Secretary at NUGA shared her enthusiasm: “We’re not just investing in games; we’re investing in our students’ futures. Through collaborative efforts in education and training initiatives, we’re setting the stage for Nigeria to become a formidable force in the global gaming scene.”

Key highlights of the partnership

Exclusive Partnership: GAMR becomes the sole partner for NUGA in esports endeavors.

Educational Initiatives: Joint development of a game design curriculum and establishment of Gaming Labs in selected Nigerian universities Talent Development: Annual industry placements for students and the formation of university eSports teams.

Scholarship Opportunities: eSports tournament winnings to fund educational scholarships.

Both parties believe that this partnership will not only stimulate growth in the Nigerian Gaming industry but also contribute significantly to educational advancement through scholarships and international exposure for students.

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