Football Manager 2024: 5 key points as FM unveils new era, women's inclusion and tech marvels

Football Manager 2024 Release Date Confirmed| Photo Credit: Football Manager

Football Manager 2024: 5 key points as FM unveils new era, women's inclusion and tech marvels

Izuchukwu Akawor 07:41 - 22.11.2023

Key things you should know as Football Manager 2024 prepares for a new era that will include women's football and technological marvels in the game.

With a keen focus on player satisfaction, the popular Football Manager  2024, FM24, is set to introduce changes that will allow for seamless progress continuation and innovative motion-matching technology. 

According to a BBC report, Football Manager, known as FM, will usher in a groundbreaking next edition that promises a better experience for its numerous fans and players. 

Here are five key things you should know about from the report as Football Manager prepares to begin a journey that will reflect its commitment to both legacy and the dynamic future of football gaming. 

Evolution of Football Manager

The Football Manager series started as a successor for the Championship Manager in the 90s but has become significantly different since its inception in 2024. 

Football Manager 2024 to include major changes.
Football Manager 2024 Release Date Confirmed| Photo Credit: Football Manager

From its humble text-based origins, it has now evolved to become an excellent 3D simulation game with a massive player base and data.

This particular evolution has reflected the changing landscape of sports in the simulation genre. 

Continuous Player Engagement

Right from the start, producers of the game, Sports Interactive, have had the satisfaction of players and value for the money paid at the heart of their craft.

FM 24 MOBILE is coming exclusively to Netflix| Photo Credit: Football Manager

Now, the introduction of a feature that will allow players and addicts alike to continue their progress from the previous editions is set to be a game-changer.

This feature will surely enhance the experience of players in the Football Manager, FM, having proven to be a highly popular request. 

Technological Advancements

FM24 will also have what is called motion-matching technology, which is a shift from what used to be the traditional motion capture.

This motion-matching technology is expected to make the game as real as possible, with data from football matches in real life and also translating real players’ movements into the game.

This shift provides a more realistic animation and genuine match context experience for players. 

Inclusion of Women’s Football

The biggest paradigm shift in the FM24 is the inclusion of women, a feature that has never been part of the FM franchise. 

FM24 is set to include women's footbal
FM24 is set to include women's football. (Photo Credit: Imago)

Women’s Football finding its way into the game has been noted as a crucial step in contributing to the growth of the women’s game.

The developers highlighted that while they faced challenges with accurately representing women’s playing careers due to data issues, their addition to the game will play a vital role in their development. 

Legacy and Future

With the 20th instalment of the current series, FM24 is expected to mark a milestone shift. 

Following the acknowledgement of a historical focus on men’s football and a move to change that in the next edition, the game has shown a desire to be more inclusive and a part of the broader growth and legacy of the sport.

So many options to choose from on FM24.
So many options to choose from on FM24. (Photo Credit: Football Manager/X)

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