FC 24: What next for FIFA following controversial split from EA Sports?

Screenshots of Erling Haaland of Manchester City in EA FC 24 | Image Credits: FIFAUTeam

FC 24: What next for FIFA following controversial split from EA Sports?

David Ben 19:29 - 06.01.2024

FIFA and EA Sports have since parted ways, but there is still the question of what's in store for the future of football's governing body.

In the realm of virtual soccer, where pixels collide and controllers dance, EA Sports split from FIFA already sent shockwaves through the gaming community.

 For years, the partnership between Electronic Arts (EA) and FIFA has been synonymous with late-night gaming sessions and virtual glory.

However, with EA’s bold decision to cut ties with football’s governing body and the launch of their new soccer video game, FC 24.

Fans and gamers alike remain curious while the same question remains: What's next for FIFA?

The EA Sports FIFA Legacy

EA FC 24
FIFA president Gianni Infantino says FIFA video game franchise will continue despite split from EA Sports.

Before we dive into the unknown, let's take a moment to appreciate the legacy of the EA Sports FIFA franchise.

 For years, this ‘iconic’ partnership had brought us the thrills of the pitch in the comfort of our living rooms and game centres.

 From stunning graphics to nail-biting penalty shootouts, EA Sports FIFA was unarguably our virtual passport to the world of football, making us feel like true managers and legends of the game.

EA Sports’ split from FIFA has been widely touted as a major game-changer in what could potentially redefine the virtual football landscape. 

EA FC 24
EA SPORTS FC 24 Screenshot from the video release. (Photo Credit: EA SPORTS/X)

No longer operating within the confines of the FIFA umbrella, EA Sports has boldly embarked on a journey to forge its own destiny in the realm of virtual soccer. 

Notably, their flagship game, FC 24, has already captured the attention and admiration of fans and gamers worldwide, garnering positive reviews  across the gaming community, having gone on a remarkable licensing spree.

This newfound independence has allowed EA Sports to infuse fresh creativity and innovation into FC 24, shaping it into a standout experience that resonates with the global gaming audience.

The introduction of three new technologies - HyperMotion V,  PlayStyles optimised by Opta, and Frostbite Engine has been massively applauded by fans, but it should be no avenue for EA  to rest on their laurels.

A FIFA-Less future: What does it mean?

EA FC 24
Erling Haaland is the cover star of EA SPORTS FC 24| Photo Credit: EA.com

The separation from FIFA has since raised a fundamental question: Can EA stand tall without the prestigious FIFA branding? 

The answer to that is a big Yes.

Even though FIFA has long been the gateway to authentic team names, player likenesses, and official stadiums, EA has been able to secure major licensing deals worth over $1 billion USD to maintain the realism and authenticity that fans have come to expect.

For years, the two names have been intertwined, but now, as EA Sports’ solo run is merely enough distraction from the speculations about the future of FIFA and video games.

Football’s governing body has since made it clear that the FIFA series will continue with another developer in charge.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has also assured that FIFA 24 will rival EA Sports FC, although details of its release remain unclear till date.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino | Credit: IMAGO

While some may view the split as a challenge, many others see it as an opportunity for EA Sports to innovate and revolutionise the virtual football experience with FC 24 only the genesis of a whole new journey.

 With creative freedom comes the potential for groundbreaking features, fresh gameplay mechanics, and perhaps even a more personalised and immersive gaming adventure for soccer enthusiasts…..like myself too.

The Community's Voice: What gamers want

ea sports fc 24
EA Sports FC logo | Credit: X

In the virtual world, the community is arguably the heartbeat, and every single publisher must understand this. 

Gamers are not just players, they are more like stakeholders in the virtual football experience. 

Despite the dissolution of the FIFA franchise, EA Sports finds itself at a pivotal juncture where attentive ears and genuine commitment are absolutely essential.

 Now more than ever, they must actively engage with the gaming community, attentively listening to their desires and concerns. 

EA FC 24
Erling Haaland at the official EA SPORTS FC 24 Trailer announcement | Credit: Getty

By doing so, EA Sports can forge a gaming future that not only resonates with the fans but also dispels any lingering notion that the development team in Vancouver prioritises paychecks over delivering tangible value for the gaming service they provide. 

This commitment to community feedback will certainly be instrumental in rebuilding trust, fostering a collaborative relationship, and ensuring that the upcoming gaming experiences genuinely reflect the passion and expectations of their dedicated player base.

EA FC 24
EA Sports FC logo | Credit: X

EA Sports’ split from FIFA has since marked the beginning of a new era in virtual soccer gaming. 

As we eagerly await the next chapter of the EA Sports FC era, one thing is certain – the game is changing. 

Whether it's a bold revolution or a careful evolution, the future of EA FC 24 is in the hands (and controllers) of the gamers but only time will reveal the trajectory of EA Sports FC in this FIFA-less frontier.