EA FC 24: 5 things we learned from Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer [Review]

EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer Review

EA FC 24: 5 things we learned from Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer [Review]

David Ben 20:14 - 18.07.2023

EA SPORTS have released a deep dive into the most important gameplay improvements and adjustments in FC 24, and here's all you need to know about it.

EA SPORTS have already revealed the trailer for their new game FC 24, following their split from FIFA.

Last week, the iconic video game publishers also unveiled covers for FC 24 Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition, while confirming Manchester City striker Erling Haaland as the game’s cover star.

You can check out the first look at EA Sports FC 24 or FC 24 for short — in the first gameplay trailer below.

FC 24: 5 Things we learned from the Gameplay Deep Dive 

EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay
EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer

EA SPORTS have officially revealed FC 24’s Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer to give fans a sneak peek of what to expect in the post-FIFA era.

EA FC 24 will feature three new innovations - HyperMotionV, PlayStyles and Frostbite Engine, the company announced last week during the official Trailer unveiling in Amsterdam. 

However, EA gave fans more insight into how these technologies would work in the new title as well as other features to expect from the upcoming release.

1. HyperMotionV - Available only on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC

EA FC 24 HyperMotionV
EA FC 24 will feature three new innovations - HyperMotionV, PlayStyles and Frostbite Engine

Driving the biggest leap forward in gameplay authenticity and realism, HyperMotionV translates the rhythm and fluidity of real-world football into FC 24 using volumetric data of more than 180 top-tier matches from competitions like the UEFA Men’s and Women’s Champions League, Premier League and LaLiga EA SPORTS.

What this essentially means, is that movement in EA SPORTS FC 24 comes from teams like Real Madrid, PSG, and Manchester City and that the animations of hundreds of in-game players are influenced by actions of real-world professional footballers on the pitch.

HyperMotionv is made possible via the combination of Advanced 11v11 Match Capture and Machine Learning.

EA FC 24
Erling Haaland in EA FC 24

Volumetric data helps to power HyperMotionV—full teams playing full matches in the top competitions around the world, captured live by a bank of cameras around the stadiums.

This data from players influence how they move in-game.

EA SPORTS FC 24 used machine learning to enhance the movement between Technical Dribble touches and to evolve the ML-Flow feature.

2. PlayStyles and PlayStyles+

EA FC 24
Federico Chiesa EA FC 24

Optimised by real-world Opta, PlayStyles dimensionalise athletes, going beyond overall ratings to bring to life the on-pitch abilities that make players special. 

Each PlayStyle affects gameplay, giving players unique capabilities you’ll see and feel that make their way of playing more authentic. 

During FC 24’s Deep Dive gameplay, it was revealed that PlayStyles+ will also be arriving the new game.

PlayStyles+ enhances those signature abilities to a world-class standard, like Erling Haaland’s Power Shot, or Sam Kerr’s Finesse Shot—reflecting elite players’ abilities to play at a level that few others can reach.

EA SPORTS revealed there are 34 different PlayStyles in FC 24 divided into a number of categories, namely:


EA FC 24
Finesse Shot in PlayStyles on EA FC 24

1.Power Shot

2. Deadball

3. Chip Shot

4. Finesse Shot 

5. Power Header


EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Screenshot

6. Pinged Pass

7.Incisive Pass

8. Long Ball Pass

9.Tiki Taka 

10. Whipped Pass

Ball Control

EA FC 24
EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Screenshot

11. First Touch

12. Flair

13. Press Proven

14. Rapid

15. Technical

16. Trickster


EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Trailer Screenshot
EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Trailer Screenshot/via FIFAUTeam

17. Block 

18. Bruiser

19. Intercept

20. Jockey

21. Slide Tackle

22. Anticipate


EA FC 24
EA FC 24 Screenshot/via FIFAUTeam

23. Acrobatic 

24. Aerial

25. Trivela

26. Relentless

27. Quick Step

28. Long Throw


EA FC 24 Gameplay
EA FC 24 Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

Goalkeeper-specific PlayStyles are limited for EA SPORTS FC 24

Most of the goalkeepers in the game have only regular AI behaviour. However, PlayStyle and PlayStyle+ buffs are limited to Be a Goalkeeper modes (Player Career and Clubs).

29. Far Throw

30. Footwork

31. Cross Claimer

32. Rush Out

33. Far Reach

34. Quick Reflexes

3. Attacking in EA FC 24

EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Trailer

In EA SPORTS FC 24, Passing has been redefined from what it used to be in the FIFA series.

New features for Passing in the game include Precision Passing, Swerve On Demand, and Headers On Demand amongst other mechanics that give players more control over their desired outcome.

Dribbling is another gameplay feature that has been upgraded in FC 24.

A key aspect of football is your mastery of controlling the ball at your feet, so like other aspects of EA SPORTS FC 24, there are new features for Ball Control in the game including Effort Dribble Touch, Orbit Dribble, and Controlled Sprint.

There are also a few gameplay changes made in Shooting on FC 24.

EA revealed that Shooting this year to improve responsiveness, and adjustments were made to shot assistance types to reward player skill.

New features in this category include Precision Shooting and Headers on Demand.

EA FC 24
EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay Screenshot

There are also four new shooting improvements which include Quick Release Shots, Advanced Shot Cancels, Power Shot transition as well as various new animations for Headers, Acrobatic kicks and much more.

The new gameplay Deep Dive also features a number of new Skill Moves like Ball Roll Drags and Flair Nutmegs.

Several Updates were also made to the positional attacking system.

But these will only take effect for users on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

4. Defending in EA FC 24

EA FC 24
EA SPORTS FC 24 Screenshot

To give players more control over their defensive actions and promote more user-initiated interactions, EA SPORTS FC have added some new defensive elements including Advanced Defending and more Defensive Improvements and animations.

There are new changes made for Goalkeepers in FC 24 like New Push Deflects, Tip Overs and refreshed animations for Saves with Feet, Diving Saves, Deflects, and Reflex Saves.

5. Additional Changes in EA FC 24

EA FC 24
EA SPORTS FC 24 Screenshot

EA SPORTS also made changes to some other areas in FC 24 like the Practice Arena which features a Scenario Practice Arena.

Practice Match is now also available in EA FC 24.

There are also new Intense haptics options to allow players to turn the haptics feedback up to the maximum possible on the controller. 

However, this is only exclusive to PlayStation 5 users.

EA FC 24 now sees the addition of new Skill Games focused on teaching new mechanics and high-score hunting, as well as a reworked Career Mode Skill Games to make them more challenging and engaging to fit the new training system.

Check out the video for the EA SPORTS FC 24 Official Gameplay Deep Dive below.

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