3 Hard Reasons why EA FC Needs to bring back Martin Tyler on commentary

EA Sports FC commentary hasn’t remained the same since the post-Martin Tyler era began | Credit: Sky Sports, Illustration by David Ben/PulseSports

GAMING 3 Hard Reasons why EA FC Needs to bring back Martin Tyler on commentary

David Ben 14:32 - 27.03.2024

Bringing back the iconic voice of Martin Tyler would elevate the EA SPORTS FC experience, after players have been forced to turn off the commentary in FC 24.

In virtual soccer, commentary is as pivotal as gameplay when it comes to immersing players into the atmosphere.

For years, Martin Tyler's distinctive voice was synonymous with the now-defunct EA Sports FIFA franchise.

The 78-year-old English football commentator worked for Sky Sports from 1990 to 2023, carving a niche as one of the most iconic voices on TV commentary in the history of the sport.

Martin Tyler EA FC Commentary
Martin Tyler is one of the greatest English football commentators of all time | Credit: IMAGO

However, recent iterations of the former franchise introduced new commentary teams from FIFA 20 to FIFA 23, leaving fans seriously longing for Tyler's return.

FC 24 commentary
FC 24 commentators Derek Rae and Stewart Robson

The English commentary on on EA FC 24 features two teams: Derek Rae and Stewart Robson, and Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith - all of whom are well versed in the business.

FC 24 commentary
FC 24 commentators Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith

However, for some reason most fans prefer to play the game without commentary and it’s really not hard to see why.

Below are three compelling reasons why EA FC needs to bring Martin Tyler back on commentary in the new game.

1. Tyler had Unmatched Authenticity and immersion

Martin Tyler's commentary is synonymous with authenticity and immersion in the footballing world.

His deep knowledge of the game, coupled with his iconic voice, creates an unparalleled sense of realism for players and gaming enthusiasts.

Tyler's ability to capture the excitement of pivotal moments, from last-minute goals to dramatic comebacks, adds an extra layer of thrill to the gaming experience of EA Sports FC.

In contrast, the current commentary teams, while competent, lack the same level of gravitas and familiarity that Tyler brings to the table (and I say this with all due respect).

By reintroducing Martin Tyler, EA FC can reignite the passion and authenticity that fans have come to expect from the franchise.

2. Community’s longing for Nostalgia

For many fans including myself, Martin Tyler's voice is synonymous with their fondest memories of playing FIFA.

His iconic catchphrases and insightful commentary have become deeply ingrained in the gaming community's collective consciousness.

By bringing his voice back to the new game, EA FC can tap into this nostalgia and reignite the passion of longtime fans who have been yearning for his return.

Martin Tyler’s voice wouldn’t only appeal to seasoned players but also attract new audiences who are eager to experience the magic of his commentary for the first time.

The eSports  and gaming industry is a space where fan engagement is key, and leveraging Martin Tyler's iconic status could be a game-changer for EA FC.

Even though EA has a penchant for turning deaf ears to the fan’s appeal, now would really be a good time to begin changing that narrative by giving the fans who are their customers - what they want!

3. Players have been forced to turn OFF Commentary in the post-Tyler era

Ultimately, the goal of any video game is to provide enjoyment and immersion for its players.

Martin Tyler's commentary has long been celebrated for its ability to enhance the gaming experience, turning virtual matches into thrilling spectacles.

Tyler’s was arguably the best in the history of the EA soccer series, because he simply makes gamers live for the fixtures, bringing up historical head to head records, citing previous managers and their real-life club achievements at both sides of the pitch.

You could well and truly feel like he’s right there in the stadium commentating on your match for the first time, every time!

Simply put - EA FC 24 is missing his touch, and OG FIFA players can attest to this.

That’s also why players in today’s game waste no time in turning off the commentary while playing FC 24, simply because some of us can’t stand it.

Martin Tyler and his co-commentator Alan Smith, set a standard so high, it almost feels like the new commentary teams can barely catch up.

By reintroducing Tyler's voice, EA FC can elevate the enjoyment and immersion factor of their game, creating a more compelling and memorable experience for players.

In conclusion, even though the return of Martin Tyler to the EA FC commentary booth seems impossible than probable, it's a no-brainer decision that could significantly enhance the overall gaming experience of players new to FC 24.