Wrestlemania 40 SMASHES records to become the highest-grossing event in history

Wrestlemania 40 smashes records to become the highest-grossing event in history | Credits: WWE

WWE Wrestlemania 40 SMASHES records to become the highest-grossing event in history

David Ben 17:36 - 10.04.2024

Wrestlemania XL is the most successful event in WWE history, TKO have announced.

WrestleMania XL, which held in Philadelphia this past weekend has not only made history but rewritten it, marking itself as the most successful and highest-grossing event in WWE history.

With a staggering attendance of over 145,000 across two epic nights at the Lincoln Financial Field, the event shattered the previous record set by WrestleMania 39 by a remarkable 78%.

Drawing enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, WrestleMania 40 showcased the unparalleled passion and fervor of WWE's fan base.

Wrestlemania 40
Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40

Pulse Sports previously reported that Cody Rhodes finally finished the story on Sunday night, defeating Roman Reigns to become the new WWE universal champion - putting an end to the Tribal chief’s 1,316 days title reign and also officially marking the beginning of the Paul “Triple H” Lavesque era.

Wrestlemania 40: Breaking Boundaries and Setting New Standards

Wrestlemania 40
Cody Rhodes became the new WWE Universal champion at Wrestlemania XL | Credit: X/WWE

WrestleMania 40 didn't just break records; it set new benchmarks across various fronts.

TKO Group announced on Tuesday, WrestleMania 40 is officially the most successful and highest-grossing eventin WWE history.

Below are some of the records broken by Wrestlemania over the weekend:

Attendance Triumph

WrestleMania XL drew over 145,000 enthusiastic fans over two days, surpassing the previous record set by WrestleMania 39 by a staggering 78%.

Viewership Surge

Wrestlemania 40
Credit: WWE

The event witnessed a remarkable 41% increase in viewership compared to the previous year, highlighting its widespread appeal and growing fan base.

According to WrestleOps, Randy Orton’s RKO to IShowSpeed at WrestleMania XL has now been viewed over 257,000,000 times across WWE & Speed’s social platforms.

Highest-Grossing Event

Wrestlemania 40
Credit: WWE

WrestleMania XL became the highest-grossing and most-attended fan event in WWE history, solidifying its position as a monumental milestone for the organization.

WWE’s total gate for WrestleMania XL totaled up to about $38.4 million, resulting in almost a $20 million gate for each night.

WWE stated that this year’s gate was 78% more than WM39’s gate which they stated was $21.6 Million.

Social Media Domination

With over 660 million views consumed globally, WrestleMania 40 emerged as the most socially viewed WrestleMania of all time, dominating conversations across various social media platforms.

YouTube Milestone

WWE's YouTube channel experienced its most-viewed day ever on WrestleMania XL Sunday, amassing over 67 million views within a mere 24-hour period.

Historic Weekend for WWE

Raw, SmackDown, and NXT events held over WrestleMania weekend all shattered attendance and gate records, further amplifying the magnitude of WrestleMania 40's success.