WWE Superstar The Rock accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of BUYING Instagram followers

The Rock: WWE Superstar jokingly accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of buying Instagram followers

WWE Superstar The Rock accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of BUYING Instagram followers

David Ben 18:04 - 08.03.2024

An old video of The Rock has emerged of him accusing Ronaldo of spending his millions on Instagram followers.

In a recent resurgence of a 2021 clip from a Q&A session on the UK-based platform Heart, WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson raised eyebrows with a subtle yet pointed accusation aimed at football icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

The clip, featuring The Rock alongside his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt, captured the attention of fans and media alike as the actor and wrestler trolled the Al Nassr and Portuguese superstar over his staggering Instagram following.

The Rock vs Cristiano Ronaldo: A Clash of Titans on Social Media

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed footballer in the world
Cristiano Ronaldo during Al Nassr's latest loss | GOAL

Pulse Sports reported that Cristiano Ronaldo,39, currently reigns as the most followed individual on Instagram, boasting an impressive 623 million followers on Meta’s platform.

However, The Rock,51, not one to be overshadowed, also holds his ground as the most followed actor and wrestler on Instagram, amassing over 397 million loyal followers.

The Rock
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson || Credit: Getty

During the Q&A session, when prompted to share his thoughts on the global football superstar, The Rock seized the moment with a witty retort.

With a smirk, he joked, “Oh my God…he’s [Ronaldo] been paying for his followers for years.”

While the comment may have been delivered in jest, it ignited speculation and debate among fans and media outlets alike.

Ronaldo, who is of the highest-paid footballer in the world, stands at the pinnacle of global sports stardom, while also holding the title of the most followed footballer on the planet.

Meanwhile, The Rock, a legendary figure in Hollywood and the WWE, commands an unparalleled presence on both the silver screen and the wrestling ring.