Report: Dani Alves changes statement for 4th time, admits to intercourse with accuser

Report: Dani Alves changes statement for 4th time, admits to intercourse with accuser

David Ben 10:38 - 09.02.2023

The Brazilian player could be facing 12 months in prison, having reportedly changed his statement for the fourth time.

The legal situation of Dani Alves has taken a fresh turn following a revelation from a Spanish journalist.

The former Barcelona star was arrested on allegations on of sexual assualt on a 23-year-old lady in a Barcelona nightclub in Sutton on December 31.

Since his arrest, it’s gone entirely downhill for the Brazilian international in the last couple of weeks.

Alves suffers fresh setback in sexual assault case

Brazil defender Dani Alves.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the Brazilian footballer confessed there was indeed a sexual affair with the 23-year-old lady who has sued him, so justice has more arguments to go against him

"He has recognized that the sexual act was consummated through penetration", were the statements of Carlos Quílez, journalist of Antena 3 of Spain via Marca.

In case the information is true, it is already the fourth time that Dani Alves changes his statement, and that will inevitably count as one of the factors that will go against the Brazilian player.

Before his reported confession, all the previous statements Alves had given was done with the intent of hiding his infidelity to his wife, Joana Sanz, who recently visited him in the Brians II prison in Barcelona.

This confession now forces the Brazilian's lawyers to change strategy and focus on the fact that the act was with the consent of the victim.

Dani Alves to change statement for the fourth time

Dani Alves

In his first statement, Dani Alves said he denied knowing the young woman in the first place, before he later accepted having taken her out for a treat.

Subsequently,  he admitted that there was only groping, and now he has reportedly  changed his statement completely, and this only adds to his record that in case he is found guilty, he could spend the next 12 years in prison.

The  alleged incident took place in the early morning of December 31 last year, when the still Pumas player, with several friends went to a nightclub in Barcelona. 

The next day the accusation came to light, but Dani Alves had already trave;led to Mexico, and managed to play a match with Pumas.

He was later forced to return to Spain where he was arrested.

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