Yvette Prieto: 9 things to know about the wife of the ‘world’s richest athlete’ Michael Jordan

Yvette Prieto: 9 things to know about the wife of the ‘world’s richest athlete’ Michael Jordan | IMAGO, Instagram

Yvette Prieto: 9 things to know about the wife of the ‘world’s richest athlete’ Michael Jordan

David Ben 12:09 - 07.06.2024

Yvette Prieto is the wife of Michael Jordan and here’s everything you need to know about her.

In the entire scope of sports, Michael Jordan's name remains synonymous with excellence and success.

As of 2024, the NBA legend holds the distinguished title of the ‘world's richest athlete’, underscoring his enduring legacy both on and off the court.

However, behind the glitz and glamour of his illustrious career stands his formidable partner and wife, Yvette Prietto.

In this article, Pulse Sports reveals details about Yvette Prieto, the woman behind the renowned sportsman and the dynamic role she plays as the wife of the world's wealthiest athlete.

9 things to know about Yvette Prieto, wife of Michael Jordan

1, Who is Yvette Prieto?

Yvette Prieto is a Cuban-American model, famous for being the wife of NBA legend and billionaire entrepreneur, Michael Jordan.

Yvette Prieto
Yvette Prieto and her husband Michael Jordan | IMAGO

Prietto currently resides in a 28,000-square-foot mansion in Jupiter, Florida. The property, which lies on three acres, is said to be valued at $20 million.

The mansion has 11 bedrooms, a pool, and a basket court.

2, Yvette Prieto Age

Yvette Prieto was born on March 26, 1978, in Cuba.

It is believed that she moved with her parents to the United States and received citizenship there.

Prietto also has a brother who runs a sneaker store in Miami.

As of 2024, she is 46 years old, 18 years younger than her husband who was born on February 17, 1963.

3, Yvette Prieto Career

Yvette Prieto
Yvette Prieto was previously a model

Yvette Prieto was once a model.

Her career peaked when she worked with Alexander Wang and shot for calendars and in commercials.

However, it is said that she delved into real estate after her modelling career.

Prietto was also a manager at Beet the LBS and a property manager at Aqua Management.

4, Her marriage to Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan wife Yvette Prieto
Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto | Getty

Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan reportedly first met in 2008 at a Miami nightclub.

They were rumoured to have moved in together the following year, and she said “Yes” to Jordan’s proposal to her over the Christmas break in 2011.

The couple had their wedding on 27 April 2013.

The venue was at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto
Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto’s wedding cost millions of dollars | Credit: Instagram

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto's wedding was said to have cost approximately $10 million.

Yvette Prieto
Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto | Getty

Instead of gifts, the couple requested guests to donate to the James R. Jordan Foundation, named after Michael's father. After the ceremony, Yvette and Michael

According to reports, the glamorous ceremony was attended by over 500 guests who were transported via tour bus to the reception held at the Bears Club.

The wedding was attended by famous personalities including Usher, Tiger Woods, Spike Lee, and Robin Thicke.

5, She dated Júlio Iglesias Jr

One of Yvette Prieto’s former flames is Julio Iglesias Jr.

Julio Jr. the son of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias Snr. and brother of Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias.

6, Yvette Prieto children

Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan’s marriage produced twin daughters, Ysabel and Victoria Jordan.

Yvette Prieto
Yvette Prietto welcomed twins with Michael Jordan | IMAGO

Yvette Prieto's twins were born on 9 February 2014 in Florida, West Palm Beach, United States.

Howver, apart from her children with the billionaire franchise owner, Yvette Prieto is also a stepmom to Michael Jordan's three children from his previous marriage to Juanita Vanoy.

They are two sons, Jeffrey and Marcus, and a daughter, Jasmine.

7, She reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement with Michael Jordan

Yvette Prieto
Yvette and Jordan signed a prenuptial agreement | Credit: IMAGO

According to reports, Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan signed a prenuptial agreement, in the event that her and Michael Jordan decide to  divorce.

Yvette Prieto
Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan | IMAGO

It was gathered that Jordan will compensate his wife Yvette, by giving her a million dollars for each year of marriage.

Additionally, if their marriage lasts up to  10 years, the total amount of compensation will be only $5 million.

8, Yvette Prieto social media

Yvette Prieto has always been known to be a private woman.

As of June 2024, she is not active on any social media platforms.

9, Yvette Prieto Net Worth

Yvette Prieto net worth
Yvette Prieto’s net worth is estimated at $50m | IMAGO

Yvette Prieto’s status as the wife of Michael Jordan, automatically makes her one of the richest WAGs in Sports.

As of 2024, Yvette Prieto's net worth is estimated to be $50 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan | Credit: X

On the other hand, her husband’s net worth absolutely dwarfs her figures.

Forbes estimates Michael Jordan’s net worth to be $3.2 billion as of June 2024, making him the richest basketball player of all time, and the world’s richest athlete and sportsman.