“All the men in my life have been a disappointment” — Hakimi’s ex-wife gives up on love

“All the men in my life have been a disappointment” — Hakimi’s ex-wife gives up on love one year after viral divorce saga | Imago

“All the men in my life have been a disappointment” — Hakimi’s ex-wife gives up on love

David Ben 16:40 - 07.06.2024

Hakimi’s older ex-wife has seemingly given up on relationships following her failed marriage to the footballer.

Hiba Abouk, the ex-wife of Paris Saint Germain star Achraf Hakimi has recently spoken out over year after her viral divorce saga.

In April 2023, Hakimi and his ex-wife made the headlines for weeks over details surrounding their high-profile divorce.

An unconfirmed report emerged that the 25-year-old Moroccan footballer moved his wealth to his mother’s name, triggering widespread reactions from football fans and netizens around the world.

Achraf Hakimi
Achraf Hakimi's wife Hiba Abouk has deleted photos with the PSG star from her social media. Achraf Hakimi records new milestone on Instagram months after divorce saga.

Abouk, a 37-year-old Spanish-Tunisian actress also branded her marriage to the footballer a failed project, after their union had been blessed with two children.

Hiba Abouk: Hakimi’s ex-wife brandishes her exes as disappointments

Hiba Abouk
Achraf Hakimi and his ex-wife Hiba Abouk

Hiba Abouk recently opened up about her new life as a single mother, over a year after her controversial divorce from Hakimi.

Speaking on the podcast of Vicky Martín Berrocal, the model and actress hinted that she has give up on love and relationships.

“All men have been a disappointment. I'm a little hater on this subject," the mother of two was quoted to have said as per a report from Spanish magazine, Marie Claire.

Hiba Abouk
Hiba Abouk/Image via Getty

Since their divorce, the Madrid-based actress has moved on from the past and is happy in this new stage of her life, focusing on her work and her two children, Amin and Naim.

Hiba Abouk
Hiba Abouk with her two children Naim and Amin/via Instagram

Although, Abouk and Hakimi still follow each other on Instagram.

Pulse Sports previously reported that Abouk was forced to pause her career to follow her ex-husband, Hakimi, with whom she had a child just a year after starting dating.

However, the couple eventually had issues in their relationship following alleged episodes of infidelity by the Morocco international.

Achraf Hakimi
Morocco's Achraf Hakimi | IMAGO

And in February 2023, more controversy ensued as Hakimi was accused of rape.

A report from Le Parisien detailed how the alleged victim reported the incident at a police station in March 2023, before the footballer was charged for rape, having already denied the allegations.

Under French law, being charged is no guarantee the case will go to trial.

Achraf Hakimi of PSG and Morocco | Credit: IMAGO

The incident forced Abouk to speed up her divorce plans and publicly speak out in support for the alleged victim of the rape incident, after staying silent for weeks.

Their divorce went viral after it was reported that Hakimi allegedly transferred all his wealth to his mother's name — a claim which would’ve been been denied by his mother, Sadia Mouh.