William Gallas slams Arsenal’s new signing Kai Havertz, insists he will struggle at the Emirate

William Gallas, not happy with Havertz performance || Credit: Imago

William Gallas slams Arsenal’s new signing Kai Havertz, insists he will struggle at the Emirate

Stephen Oladehinde 14:51 - 09.08.2023

William Gallas, a former defender for both Chelsea and Arsenal, has provided his opinion on Kai Havertz signing for the Gunners.

German international Havertz left Stamford Bridge after three seasons in the summer transfer window for £62 million.

The former Chelsea player joins the list of players who made a switch from Stamford Bridge to the Emirates.

After a strong performance in Sunday's Community Shield victory over Pep Guardiola's team, Havertz has already made an impression at the Emirates. Gallas, though, is less convinced with his former team's most recent addition.

Kai Havertz in action for Arsenal || Imago
Kai Havertz in action for Arsenal || Imago

Gallas condemns Havertz's signing 

The 45-year-old told Gambling Zone that he didn't think Havertz would rise to the challenge when asked about the player's potential to excel in his new team.

Speaking in an interview with Gambling Zone as reported by Daily Mail, Gallas said, “I don't believe that Havertz was a player that Arsenal needed to sign this summer. For me, even when he was at Chelsea, he was never consistent enough.

“He scored some important goals for the club, and he played well in flashes. (But) he didn’t put in enough good performances during his Chelsea career in my opinion. 

“When I saw Arsenal were signing him, I didn’t really understand it. I was surprised that they signed him.”

Arsenal still lacks a winning mindset says Gallas

Gallas thinks Arsenal still lack a particular winning mindset necessary to challenge Man City in the league.

Gallas continued, “I’m sure Arsenal will get very close to winning the title this season, but I don’t think they will be crowned champions in May.

“I think Arsenal are missing the character and the personality to become champions - these are the qualities that they needed to show at the end of last season, and they couldn’t.

“I want to see Arsenal adapt a soldier mentality this season. I want to see players ready to communicate much on the pitch - demanding more of each other. 

“I want to see experienced players taking responsibility when things are not going well on the pitch for Arsenal.

“I still think that Arsenal are missing this type of win-at-all-costs mentality and that is why I don’t think they will win the title this season.”

Arsenal kicks off their Premier League campaign against Nottingham Forest at the Emirate stadium after recently winning the Community Shield.