‘Two different Sports' — Manchester City's Rodri explains stark difference between LaLiga and Premier League

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‘Two different Sports' — Manchester City's Rodri explains stark difference between LaLiga and Premier League

Ayoola Kelechi 21:05 - 09.03.2024

After playing in both LaLiga and the Premier League, Manchester City's Rodri has explained the difference between both leagues

Manchester City's midfield maestro, Rodri, sheds light on the distinct styles of play between the Premier League and LaLiga, drawing from his extensive experience in both leagues.

Rodri, having honed his skills at Atletico Madrid and Villarreal in La Liga, made the transition to the Premier League when he joined Manchester City for a staggering €70m fee in 2019. Initially facing challenges in adapting to the relentless pace and physicality of English football, the Spanish international persevered and emerged as one of the most revered players in his position.

Contrasting Rhythms

In an exclusive interview with France Football, Rodri highlights the profound contrast in playing styles between the two leagues. "They're almost two different sports," he remarks, emphasizing the importance of understanding the distinct rhythms of each league. In La Liga, Rodri notes, patience and tactical acumen reign supreme, with teams exhibiting a meticulous approach to possession. Conversely, the Premier League thrives on intensity, where split-second decisions and lightning-fast transitions define the pace of the game.

Recalling his debut against West Ham, Rodri vividly describes the abrupt awakening to the frenetic nature of English football. "I didn't have half a second to think and I already had an opponent on me," he reflects. The transition demanded a recalibration of his playing style, requiring quicker decision-making and a heightened awareness of retaining possession amidst relentless pressure. Rodri underscores the unforgiving nature of the Premier League, where individual brilliance and attacking prowess pose constant threats.

Mastery of Guardiola's Philosophy

Despite the formidable challenges posed by the Premier League, Rodri found solace in his familiarity with Pep Guardiola's tactical ethos. Drawing from his footballing education in Spain, Rodri reveals that he required "less time" to grasp Guardiola's intricate style of play compared to adapting to the Premier League's demands. His seamless integration into Guardiola's system stands as a testament to his adaptability and footballing intelligence.

Rodri's insights provide a fascinating glimpse into the contrasting landscapes of La Liga and the Premier League. His journey from La Liga stalwart to Premier League luminary underscores the dynamic nature of football and the diverse challenges it presents. As Rodri continues to excel on the pitch for Manchester City, his perspective serves as a valuable testament to the rich tapestry of footballing styles across different leagues.

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