'They were going to kill my dad'— Mikel Obi details traumatic kidnapping experience

Mikel's father was kidnapped while he represented Nigeria at the 2018 World Cup. Photo Credit|| IMAGO / Focus Images

'They were going to kill my dad'— Mikel Obi details traumatic kidnapping experience

Joba Ogunwale 15:14 - 08.11.2023

Ex-Super Eagles captain John Mikel Obi has revealed the trauma his dad went through when he was kidnapped while sending a message of hope to Luis Diaz.

Former Chelsea star John Obi-Mikel has shared details of what he went through when his father was kidnapped. 

Mikel’s father was kidnapped twice, the latest being the 2018 incident when the former Chelsea was representing Nigeria at the FIFA World Cup. 

Mikel Obi's moment of trauma

Pa Obi was kidnapped just before Mikel led out Nigeria for their third game against Argentina at the Russia 2018 World Cup. 

Although Mikel went on to play the match, which Nigeria lost 2-1, the former Chelsea midfielder revealed it was a tough moment for him. 

In an interview with TalkSport, Mikel revealed his father went through hell in the kidnappers’ den, stating they made him suffer. 

Mikel's father was kidnapped just before he came up against Messi in 2018
Mikel shaking the hand of Mess at the 2018 World Cup. Photp Credit || IMAGO / Focus Images

The ex-Nigeria captain said he could hear the fear in his father’s voice when he spoke to him after the match against Argentina. 

“My Dad was crying. Give them what they want. They’ve beaten me. I was 100% sure they were going to shoot him. He heard them say let’s just kill him. They were going to kill my dad,” Mikel said on Jim White and Simon Jordan’s show. 

“I couldn't leave the room. I couldn't tell anybody. I was alone in the room for about 30 minutes, thinking what am I going to do?," he added

The retired footballer also revealed that his Super Eagles were shocked and could not comprehend it when he told them after the game against Argentina. 

Mikel tells Luis Diaz to stay strong 

Mikel went ahead to use the opportunity to show his support for Liverpool star Luis Diaz, who is going through the same thing the ex-Stoke City man experienced in 2018. 

Diaz’s parents were kidnapped in his native Colombia. Although his mother has been rescued, the search for his father is still ongoing. 

Having experienced the same thing, Mikel has now told the Liverpool star to stay strong and ensure his father is released. 

Luis Diaz is going through the same thing Mikel experienced
Search continues for Luis Diaz father who was kidnapped alongside the Liverpool star's mother | Imago X/@VickyDavilaH

 "I know exactly what you're going through and I hope you stay strong. I know it's a tough time for him as a player and his family, what they are all going through, it's absolutely heartbreaking.

"So my message to him is stay strong and do all you can to make sure your dad is released,” Mikel added. 

Diaz is still forging strong despite the situation, having come off the bench to score the equaliser in Liverpool’s draw against Luton Town. 

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