Spain is not racist — Brazil-born Marcos Senna disagrees with Vinicius

Spain is not racist — Brazil-born Marcos Senna disagrees with Vinicius

Faruq Ibrahim 20:00 - 29.05.2023

Brazil-born retired Spanish international Marcos Senna speaks on Vinicius and racism in Spain.

Despite citing instances where he himself suffered racism, Spain and Villarreal legend Marcos Senna disagrees with Vinicius's submission that the country is racist. 

The Real Madrid star took to Twitter to tag Spain as a racist country after repeatedly suffering abuse, culminating in Los Blancos' defeat to Valencia at the Mestalla.

However, the Brazilian-born Senna, who won the Euros with La Roja in 2008, believes it is only the actions of a 'few idiots' and that the country is not a racist one. 

What Senna said 

The retired defensive-midfielder showed support for Vinicius, commending his strength and courage. He also criticise Spanish laws, as he believes not enough has been done to prevent cases of racism.

But he disagreed that the 2010 World Cup winners are racists, saying just like in Brazil where he was born, racism is an action by a 'few idiots.'

“I am on Vinicius's side 100%. I really admire his courage. And I, in fact, take my hat off to him. At 22 years old facing everything and everyone in this way. With the experience that I have, I don't know if I would be capable; I take my hat off to him,” he said, per Marca.

"Spain is not a racist country. What exists is a number of idiots who hide and, at those moments, appear. These people are very brave in groups. So, when they are alone, they manage to find Vincius and ask him for a photo.

"In Brazil there are also idiots. For me these people are idiots. Here there are also many idiots, I can't say if there are more or less.”

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