Stir Fry fc — Remo Stars serve Sporting Lagos a dash of banter after derby win

Remo Stars players troll Sporting Lagos in a video.

Stir Fry fc — Remo Stars serve Sporting Lagos a dash of banter after derby win

Izuchukwu Akawor 22:11 - 22.10.2023

Rem Stars have stirred the pot after taking all bragging rights in the Southwest Derby against Sporting Lagos in the NPFL.

Football is not only about the action on the pitch; it’s also about the passion and camaraderie it fosters among fans and teams. 

This was evident after the recent derby match between Remo Stars and newly promoted Sporting Lagos, where a healthy dose of playful banter was served up in the aftermath of the match on Sunday. 

Remo Stars vs Sporting Lagos had all the ingredients of an intense derby - fierce competition, skilfula plays, wonderful goals, a red card, and an electrifying atmosphere. 

In the end, Remo Stars came from behind to emerge victorious after a 2-1 win, securing a win that ignited a friendly exchange of banter on social media.

Remo Stars troll Sporting Lagos

After the game in Ikenne, the home side took to their social media pages to react with a funny video. 

In the video, the Sky Blues trolled the Noisy Lagosians, who came into the game unbeaten and had yet to concede a single goal in the NPFL.

Remo Stars claim bragging rights. (Photo Credit: Rremo Stars/X)

That record came crashing in on Sunday, leading to a friendly jab from Remo Stars, who went on to tag their visitors as ‘stir fry fc’. 

The exchange of banter is a common and cherished tradition in football. It is a way for fans, players, and teams to show their passion for the game and sense of humour.

These playful exchanges are welcomed in the NPFL and will serve to enhance the spirit of the game in the Football League and foster a sense of community among the football enthusiasts. 

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