Napoli fans give Spalletti hilarious parting gift

Napoli manager Luciano Spalletti (HochZwei/Syndication)

Napoli fans give Spalletti hilarious parting gift

Ayoola Kelechi 23:57 - 06.06.2023

Napoli fans showed their comical side with a gift presented to outgoing boss Luciano Spalletti

Napoli’s Ultras have given outgoing manager Luciano Spalletti a hilarious parting gift to send the Italian gaffer on his way after years of service to the club. 

Spalletti leaves Napoli a hero

Spalletti led Napoli to their first Serie A title in 33 years in the 2022/23 campaign but shocked everyone by announcing that he would be leaving the team before the season was even over. 

Luciano Spalletti
Napoli boss Luciano Spalletti tattooed a reminder of Napoli's success on himself

The Italian manager will reportedly be taking a sabbatical from management, but there have also been rumours that a breakdown in the relationship between him and Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentis was what forced his exit from the club. 

Nevertheless, Spalletti is seen as a hero in the city of Naples by the locals, and after his last game in charge of the team, a group of fans decided to honour him with a sentimental gesture. 

Napoli fans honour Spalletti with a special gift

The genesis of the significance of the gift presented to Spalletti dates back to the manager’s early days at the club. 

In his first season with Napoli, Spalletti had his car burgled by miscreants who stole the steering wheel of his Fiat Panda, and a year later, when the Partenopei were struggling during his reign, fans of the club unfurled a banner promising to return his steering wheel if he left the club immediately.

However, Spalletti decided to stay, helping Napoli to a historic Serie A title, settling his beef with the fans, and earning a place in their hearts before leaving. 

To thank him for his service to the club, the fans honoured him with a brand new Fiat Panda steering wheel, as well as a collection of CDs from famous local artist Pino Daniele, which was also stolen in the burglary. 

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