Napoli CEO's reveals how he told Rudi Garcia to 'F*** Off' upon dismissal

French coach Rudi Jose Garcia and SSC Napoli s Italian president Aurelio De Laurentiis || Image credit: Imago

Napoli CEO's reveals how he told Rudi Garcia to 'F*** Off' upon dismissal

Faruq Ibrahim 01:45 - 08.02.2024

Napoli's chief, Aurelio de Laurentiis, reveals details of his intense exchange with Rudi Garcia in the Frenchman's final hours as the club's manager.

Napoli's CEO, Aurelio de Laurentiis, has made headlines with his candid revelation about the departure of former manager Rudi Garcia, stirring the pot in the football world. Amidst a season of managerial upheavals at Napoli, De Laurentiis's straightforward and controversial approach to Garcia's exit has sparked discussions among fans and critics alike. 

Garcia's tenure at Napoli, marked by underwhelming performances and fan dissatisfaction, came to an abrupt end following a contentious interaction with De Laurentiis after a game against Empoli, laying bare the tensions within the club's management.

De Laurentiis's Bold Move

In an unprecedented disclosure at a Napoli press conference, De Laurentiis detailed the moments leading up to Garcia's dismissal, revealing a blunt exchange that ultimately sealed the Frenchman's fate. His decision to confront Garcia with a forthright "f*** off" after the latter's insistence on his strategic choices underscores De Laurentiis's no-nonsense attitude towards club management. 

The fallout from Garcia's sacking has been significant, with the club's direction under scrutiny and fans divided over the decision-making process at Napoli. The subsequent appointment of Walter Mazzarri on a short-term deal, following considerations for Igor Tudor, reflects the ongoing search for stability and success at the club. 

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